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Because the other list was starting to lag when I was updating it.

Last updated: 9th Sept, 2016


A Good Night's Sleep
(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 2,944 words | PG)
M-21 has another nightmare; Tao and Takeo's solution to this is to sleep in the same bed as him so they can wake him next time. …It takes a surprising amount of adjustment.

A Little Bit
(Muzaka, Frankenstein, Rai | 490 words | PG)
Muzaka notices Rai's mansion is cleaner.

A Moment's Respite
(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Regis, Seira | 526 words | PG-13)
"…The fuck did you do?" M-21 said, staring at what used to be the living room.

A New Friend
(M-21, Seira, Tao, Regis, Takeo | 2,362 words | G)
M-21 hears something slithering in the house one day.

(M-21, Tao | 543 words | G)
"M…" M-21 knew that tone of voice, knew it intimately well and what would follow after. "No." "Wha – hey! I haven't even said what it is yet!"

(Tao, Frankenstein | 1,078 words | G)
Tao came back to consciousness in fits and starts, his body not making sense. Too many limbs. Too little. Limbs in the wrong place.

(Frankenstein, Rai | 726 words | G)
Frankenstein finds out the Lord had left out one bit of information about the contract.

(Kentas/M-21, Puppy, Tao, Frankenstein, Rai, Takeo, Regis, Seira | 15,037 words | G)
Kentas gets used to the household, and M-21.

Adapt to Live
(Tao, M-21, Seira, Regis, Frankenstein | 37,011 words | PG-13)
After leaving Heaven and turning into a demon, Tao was sure things had settled to some kind of normality. The angel coming down and not turning into a demon wasn't something Tao thought ze would ever see.

(Tao, Takeo, M-21, Frankenstein, Regis, Seira, Rai | 23,245 words | PG-13)
When Tao gains consciousness after being attacked by an agent, he finds that his body has changed in one very obvious way.

(Takeo, Tao, M-21 | 650 words | G)
Before Takio and Tao begin their new job, they go ask for advice first.

After Hours
(Takeo, M-21, Tao | 342 words | PG-13)
Just a normal day after work...

(Yuna, Rai | 135 words | PG-13)
Yuna sees blood sometimes.

All You Have to Do is Breathe
(Tao, Frankenstein, Takeo, M-21 | 44,058 words | PG-13)
There's a new guy in town, an inventor, and if Tao can steal a few interesting things from him, he'll be able to eat for a few days, maybe longer. He might even be able to get out of the town!
Tao's wish comes true, just not in the way he expected.

(Takeo, Tao, M-21, Seira, Regis | 468 words | G)
Takeo makes lunch and gets a bit more attention than he expected.

(M-21, Tao, Rai, Lunark | 1,953 words | PG-13)
It was supposed to be a stealth mission. It was anything but.

(M-21, Tao | 191 words | PG)
M-21 thought he could smell something...

Assist and Rest
(Takeo, Tao, M-21 | 1,941 words | PG)
The shadows under Tao's eyes were darker and spread further than Takeo had ever seen them.

(Frankenstein, Rai | 172 words | G)
Sometimes, roles reverse.

Avoidance and Confrontation
(Tao/Takeo/M-21 (M-21/M-24) | 1,373 words | PG)
M-21 has been avoiding Takeo and Tao.

Awakening the Guardian
(Frankenstein, Tao, Takeo | 1,187 words | PG)
There was someone in Frankenstein's forest. Not only was there someone trespassing inside a dragon's territory, they were also casting magic. He wouldn't let someone get away with such a challenge.

Balancing Act
(M-21, Regis, Tao, Takeo, Seira, Frankenstein | 591 words | PG-13)
"What are you doing?" Regis' shout blistered the air just as M-21 caught sight of Tao on top of Takeo, in the process of tearing off Takeo's shirt.

(Rai | 125 words | G)
Rai stared down at the opponent he had been battling for some time now.

(M-21, Rai, Frankenstein, M-24 | 1,348 words | PG-13)
M-24 died. That doesn't mean he's gone.

(M-21 | 165 words | G)
M-21 and belonging.

(Rai, Frankenstein, Tao | 533 words | G)
Rai used to be human before he was turned into the Noblesse.

(Tao, Dark Spear, Frankenstein | 559 words | PG-13)
Tao's been enhanced before. Not like this.

Birthday Choice
(M-21, Tao | 1,101 words | G)
"Heeey, M, I have a question for you." "Yeah?" "Wanna celebrate your birthday?"

(M-21, Regis, Frankenstein | 1,874 words | PG-13)
Innocent-looking items should be left alone. Always.

(Tao, Frankenstein, Seira, Takeo | 2,486 words | PG-13)
Not having something to keep Tao busy was weird. He had all this time, so what was he going to do with it?

(Frankenstein, Muzaka, Rai | 356 words | G)
Muzaka visits Rai's mansion as usual.

(Takeo, Tao | 410 words | G)
There’s a lot you can do with a cardboard box. If you have the ideas, at least.

(Frankenstein, Muzaka, Rai | 3,413 words | G)
Muzaka nodded. "So the more we roughhouse, the more he comes out. What do ya say?" Frankenstein smiled. "I would be glad to."

Care For
(M-21, Rai, Tao, Takeo | 1,430 words | G)
Rai looks after the trio in what way he can when they need reassurance.

(Tao, M-21, Frankenstein | 278 words | G)
Tao meowed, wriggling, but it was no use: his scruff was held tight by the dog that had picked him off the streets.

(Takeo, Tao, M-21 | 1,323 words | G)
Takeo was only just able to stop his hands going towards the pistols he didn't have when he heard the 'bang' in front of him, and that was because it was Tao standing there, his usual wide grin firmly in place.

(M-21, Frankenstein, Tao, Takeo | 1,591 | PG)
Being an omega meant being weak. Alphas were favoured in the Union, were better killers, more aggressive, were respected more.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 374 words | G)
Had he really changed that much?

(M-21, Takeo, Tao, Frankenstein, Seira | 1,258 words | PG-13)
There's a new development to M-21's transformation that worries him.

(Shinwoo, Ik-han, Yuna | 383 words | G)
Shinwoo, Ik-han and Yuna see a suspicious person on their way home; Shinwoo knows what to do.

Checking In
(Tao, Seira, Regis, Takeo, M-21, Frankenstein | 1,165 words | G)
Tao looks after the Raizel Knights.

(Takeo/Rai, Frankenstein | 641 words | G)
Takeo wants to make something for Rai.

(M-21, Rai | 650 words | PG)
M-21 has fitful dreams one night.

Clone Verse
(16,818 words | G-R)
Where Crombell decides to clone the trio and add his own modifications.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Regis, Seira | 446 words | PG)
Tao makes small-talk over the comms.

(M-21, Frankenstein, Rai | 1,182 words | PG-13)
The M-series had been told their DNA was tweaked so their hair showed their emotions as a safety precaution. So the scientists would know if an experiment was about to decide to kill them all.
They were all fucking liars.

(Frankenstein, Rai | 345 words | G)
Frankenstein is experiencing some difficulties with one of his experiments.

Coming of Age
(M-21, Tao, Regis | 744 words | G)
Regis has his coming of age ceremony – too bad the trio didn't ask for any details about what it entailed.

Conditions of Visitation
(Frankenstein, Rai, Muzaka | 398 words | G)
'Could you not sleep, Master?' '…Something woke me up.'

(Kentas/M-21 | 1,241 words | G)
Tao bounced up to Kentas when he was in the kitchen finding out what he could have for breakfast. "So how did you confess?" Tao asked, his eyes sparkling. "Enquiring minds wanna know, ya know?"

M-21/Kentas? | 685 words | PG)
M-21 regains consciousness alone.

(M-21, Tao, Frankenstein, Rai | 891 words | PG)
There was a presence inside M-21's head.

(M-21, Tao | 135 words | G)
M-21 listened to Tao hum after the other man had finished painting his nails on one hand.

(Takeo/Tao/M-21 | 1,239 words | PG-13)
The trio and kisses.

(M-21/Tao/Takeo | 304 words | PG-13
M-21 thinks about his relationship with Takeo and Tao.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 280 words | PG-13)
M-21 and Takeo had about two seconds to regain their balance when Tao stepped up close to them and placed a palm on both their foreheads. Tao's hand was freezing.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 1,817 words | G)
M-21's hair is getting long; Tao knows what to do to convince him to get it cut.

(Frankenstein, M-21 | 507 words | G)
"Ah, M-21, I have some money for you." "What do you need?" "Nothing. I thought you might like to buy ingredients and cook something you preferred."

(M-21, Frankenstein, Tao, Takeo | 3,662 words | PG-13)
M-21 knows the date he’s going to die. It’s embedded in his arm, ticking down on the wrist opposite where he’s been branded.

Cracked Mirror
(M-21, Frankenstein | 3,426 words | PG-13)
M-21 finds himself in a familiar place he doesn't want to be and meets a familiar face that shouldn't be there. From there it goes downhill.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Rai | 1,248 words | G)
Tao wants to make something for Rai.

Crossed Wires
(Ashleen, M-21 | 915 words | PG-13)
"So," Ashleen said, "how are you feeling?" M-21 stared at her, his brain refusing to process the question for a second.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 679 words | G)
Curiosity killed the cat. Well, sort of.

(M-21/Tao | 602 words | G)
M-21 likes Tao. The next step is asking him on a date, isn't it?

(M-21/Tao | 348 words | G)
Tao wants help with the last Christmas decoration.

(Tao, M-21, Takeo | 812 words | PG-13)
"Okay, lesson learned!" Tao declared, closing the door behind Takeo and M-21. "Check the weather report before leaving for work."

(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Frankenstein, Rai | 1,244 words | PG-13)
M-21's wing gets injured during a fight.

Developing Trust
(Takeo/Tao, M-21, Frankenstein | 17,276 words | PG-13)
Developing trust takes time.

(Rai, Muzaka | 459 words | G)
Muzaka had entered Raizel's mansion while he had been choosing a new shirt to wear. His aura was different however – it was far bigger than any of the other times Muzaka had visited, and the shape… Hm.

(M-21, Tao | 150 words | G)
Tao disrupts M-21's sleep.

(Frankenstein, Gejutel, Rai | 1,462 words | G)
Frankenstein and Rai learn just how much is shared between the contract.

(Tao, Regis, Takeo, M-21 | 608 words | G)
When Tao thinks of a plan, they have a greater than normal chance to horrify, bewilder or, more often than not, really, really embarrass the participants; thankfully, Regis, Takeo, and M-21 do have ways of distracting Tao before he starts gaining speed.

(Takeo/Tao | 533 words | PG-13)
Takeo tries to make sure Tao takes a break.

Disturb to Request
(Takeo, Puppy | 347 words | G)
Takeo jerked awake. Something - soft and furry was on his bed, nosing around his collar.

(Tao, Dark Spear, M-21 | 325 words | PG-13)
Dark Spear doesn't let Tao sleep one night; he's sure he knows one person that can help.

Dream Guardian
(Rai, Frankenstein | 768 words | G)
Raizel was starting to see flashes of what Frankenstein was dreaming of. Darkness and bright blood.

Drift and Rest
(Frankenstein, Rai | 318 words | G)
Frankenstein doesn't wake up alone.

(Takeo, Tao | 563 words | G)
"Tao," was all Takeo said, an eyebrow raised in expectation, seeing Tao standing as innocently as he could in the doorway of their room, a shopping bag in hand.

Double Vision
(Frankenstein, Tao, Rai | 525 words | G)
Tao reminds Frankenstein of someone he used to know.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 431 words | G)
Life is normal and quiet – this isn't normal.

(Rai, Shinwoo, Ik-han | 228 words | G)
Rai gets invited to Shinwoo's house.

(M-21, Tao, Regis, Takeo | 914 words | PG-13)
M-21 had gotten used to his heightened senses, but the new instincts were something else, slipping into his thoughts like they'd always been there.

(Tao, M-21, Takeo, Puppy | 686 words | PG-13)
There's an emergency at the house.

(M-21/Tao/Takeo/Kentas | 189 words | G?)
"So," Tao said, "how do they feel?" "Like I've been tied up in silk."

(Tao, M-21 | 111 words | G)
Tao's still poking about in Frankenstein's house when M-21 walks in.

(M-21, M-24 | 297 words | PG-13)
The streets were too crowded.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 311 words | PG)
"The newer Union agents are getting worse," M-21 said, snorting as he wiped the blood off his hands with the scrap that was left of his shirt.

Exhibition Match
(Yuri, Aris, Crombell | 455 words | PG-13)
"Dear, dear, this is awkward..."

(Previous Lord, Frankenstein | 366 words | PG)
The previous Lord's first meeting with Frankenstein wasn't what anyone would call smooth…

(M-21, Frankenstein, Tao, Takeo | 460 words | G)
M-21 hadn't expected Takeo and Tao to offer themselves to Frankenstein's 'experiment' without knowing what it was about; he hadn't expected what would happen next either.

(M-21, Frankenstein | 832 words | PG)
M-21 receives his first salary; he's not sure what to do with it.

(Seira, Tao | 467 words | G)
Seira wants Tao's expert help on something.

(M-21, Frankenstein | 1,092 words | G)
Something bothered M-21 about Frankenstein's house.

(Seira, Rai | 309 words | G)
There was a bird in the kitchen.

Family Pictures
(Rai, Shinwoo, Tao, Frankenstein | 521 words | G)
Rai watched Yuna from the corner of his eyes when she raised the unfamiliar piece of technology to her face, a 'click' following soon after.

(Frankenstein, Frankenstein | 1,839 words | G)
M-21 isn't eating much; Frankenstein thinks he knows a way to make sure he does.

(Frankenstein, Rai | 663 words | G)
Frankenstein hadn't known what to expect.

Fill the Silence
(Frankenstein, Rai | 3,816 words | PG)
Frankenstein had entertained the thought of playing chess with Cadis for a brief second, but when it came to teaching the noble, he hadn't expected how long it would take, or the discussions it would inspire.

Find Me
(M-21, M-24 | 782 words | R)
Something was wrong…

(M-21, Rai, Frankenstein | 551 words | G)
M-21's phone vibrated, and he frowned for a second before he checked it.

First Contact
(Tao, M-21 | 702 words | PG-13)
There was an angel in the city; Tao could sense it.

First Meetings
(Shinwoo, Seira | 238 words | G)
Shinwoo sees someone new on the space station.

First Move
(Takeo/M-21/Tao | 444 words | G)
The trio and kisses.

(Kentas, M-21 | 1,039 words | G)
Kentas could hear something. He frowned as he followed the uneven breathing, up the stairs and...
He stopped outside M-21's door.

Forging a New Path
(Frankenstein | 1,188 words | PG)
Frankenstein narrowed his eyes, remembering some information that he had found earlier but then discounted as unneeded. He had kept his notes on it, however, in case he changed his mind.

(M-21, Frankenstein, Tao, Takeo, Rai, Regis | 7,064 words | PG-13)
M-21 came to with a heaving gasp, and his heart slammed in his chest as he found himself in an enclosed space, the hum of machinery all around him.

(M-21, Tao, Rai, Frankenstein | 604 words | G)
A regular day at the beach.

Full Moon
(Tao/M-21 | 1,630 words | PG-13)
Tao's eyebrows shot up, his mouth gaping. It was M-21 –there was no-one else it could be- but Tao had never seen him like that before.

(M-21/Kentas | 1,557 words | NC-17)
M-21 has been set up as a sacrifice to summon a demon.

(Takeo, Tao, M-21, Rai | 222 words | G)
"And who's been sleeping in my bed?"

Good and Bad
(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Frankenstein | 1,739 words | PG-13)
"There's good news and bad news – the good news is you have a full wolf form." How was that the good news? "The bad news is…haha…"

(Tao, Takeo, M-21 | 1,632 words | G)
M-21 had a habit. Every Thursday, he would leave the house for a couple of hours, and when he came back, there would always be dirt on his hands and knees.

(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 499 words | PG-13)
M-21 is used to his werewolf heart giving him abilities that he isn't expecting. This is another one.

(M-21 | 543 words | PG-13)
There were a lot of things M-21 had to get used to after being taken in Frankenstein and his master. The green was unexpected.

(Tao, M-21, Takeo | 486 words | PG-13)
After the fight, the trio have to ground themselves.

Group Activity
(Takeo, Tao, M-21, Regis, Rai | 440 words | G)
Just a regular group activity.

Growing Pains
(M-21, Frankenstein, Takeo, Tao | 1,906 words | PG-13)
There's something going on with M-21's transformation.

(M-21, Tao | 560 words | PG-13)
The training had started as normal but M-21 finds out that one thing has changed since he got stronger.

(Tao, Frankenstein | 436 words | PG-13)
"Tao?" "Hey, Boss. Can – can you come pick us up, please?"

(Rai | 264 words | G)
When Cadis Etrama Di Raizel woke up after hibernating, he knew where to go.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Rai | 460 words | G)
Tao hears something in the lab.

(Takeo/Rai | 2,026 words | G)
While Tao was busy setting up the extra security around the school (and dragging M-21 in to help), Takeo finds himself interacting more with Rai.

(Sangeen | 191 words | G)
Clearly the loss of blood was starting to affect Sangeen's mind.

(M-24 | 176 words | G)
His head hurt sometimes, and he didn't know why.

(M-21, Frankenstein | 390 words | PG-13/R)
"You had a number of cracked ribs," Frankenstein informed M-21, "but the dagger just managed to miss your heart."

Heat Source
(Tao, M-21, Takeo | 1,169 words | G)
All Tao wanted to do was bask his scales in the sunlight, but then he was interrupted by two humans coming close to his nest.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 272 words | G)
M-21 just sighed when Tao plucked his security ID card out of his fingers, only making a half-hearted attempt to get it back.

High School AU
(M-21, Tao | 40 words | G)
M-21 is interrupted.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 12,575 words | PG-13)
Ishibil is used to defending his forest from Union knights and other humans trying to kill him, but then two humans come to his forest who are different from what he's used to.

(M-21, Frankenstein, Kentas, Tao | 1,114 words | G)
M-21 couldn't sleep. His skin tingled, like there was a new drug coursing through his system.

(M-21 | 268 words | PG-13)
M-21's mind was hollow.

(Tao, Frankenstein | 648 words | G)
Tao cocked his head at a muffled thud and grinned, heading for that direction. Boss must be using one of the spare rooms to practice. There was also a sharp tapping sound that Tao couldn't identify. It wasn't heels, sounding bigger than that, but he couldn't place what it was exactly.

Huddling for Warmth
(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 314 words | G)
Tao's cold.

(Tao, M-21, Takeo | 369 words | G)
Tao snickered to himself as he span in the Boss' office chair; he'd finished the adjustments to Boss' office and was taking a well-earned break doing absolutely nothing.

(Seira, Tao | 431 words | G)
Seira watched Tao as he twirled around the room, humming along with the song that was playing from the computer.

Impulse Buy
(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 366 words | G)
Shopping with Tao goes as well as anyone would expect.

(Regis/M-21 | 784 words | G)
This crush was completely inappropriate for a noble like himself.

Inform and Celebrate
(Tao, M-21, Takeo, Frankenstein, Rai | 1,158 words | G)
"Boss called us what?"

(M-21, Regis, Tao, Frankenstein | 1,356 words | PG-13
M-21 got more than a boost of power when Rai awakened him.

(M-21, Tao, Karias | 538 words | PG-13)
M-21 stared, not believing what he was seeing in Karias' hands. He couldn't have…

(Takeo, M-21, Tao, Frankenstein | 1,132 words | PG-13)
< Hey, can you and M come to the park right now~? I've got something to show you~> It seemed like an innocent enough text from Tao.

(Tao | 431 words | G)
Tao builds something new.

(M-21 | 323 words | PG-13)
Frankenstein had missed one thing in his check-ups of M-21…

(M-21, Puppy, Tao, Gejutel | 302 words | PG)
M-21 instructs the puppy.

(Takeo/Tao | 1,500 words | PG-13)
Tao interrupts Takeo's life like he usually does.

(Ivan | 562 words | R)
Invading Lukedonia is technically very easy; a mansion in the middle of a forest should be easy too, right?

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 1,011 words | PG-13)
M-21, Takio and Tao investigate a possible leak about the nobles.

(M-21, Frankenstein | 221 words | G)
There is one thing we don't see about M-21's recovery period...

Keeping Spares
(M-21, Tao | 417 words | G)
M-21 watched Tao's face as he stared into the fire, his shoulders slumped. "They were gone too soon…" Tao murmured, bringing a hand up to wipe at his eyes.

(Tao, Seira | 161 words | G)
Just your typical run-of-the-mill kidnapping plot; nothing to worry about.

(M-21, Tao | 261 words | G)
"Yo, M, do you wanna kiss?"

Knowing the Odds
(Tao | 373 words | G)
Tao knows the odds.

(M-21 | 79 words | G)
M-21's comrades don't know the origin of his power.

(M-21, Tao, Frankenstein, Takeo, Rai | 925 words | G)
"What do you mean you don't know how to drive?" "I mean I don't know how to drive."

Like Strangers
(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Frankenstein | 790 words | PG-13)
M-21 glanced at the dog that was sitting across the street as he, Takeo and Tao made their way towards the school. Again.

(Tao, M-21, Takeo | 541 words | G)
There's still a few problems with M-21's transformation.

Logical Conclusion
(Takeo, Tao, Frankenstein | 199 words | G)
Tao takes things to its logical conclusion.

(Frankenstein, Rai | 380 words | G)
Rai was staring out the window.

Lost Item
(M-21, Tao | 792 words | PG-13)
M-21 can't find his phone.

Lost Voice
(Takeo, Tao | 825 words | G)
Tao loses his voice. Takeo has to pick up the slack.

Make Some Nose
(Rai | 160 words | G)
Rai and noise.

Making Memories
(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 3,198 words | PG)
It started with Tao stealing M-21's phone.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Frankenstein | 1,729 words | G)
M-21 sighed as he went up the stairs from the lab — it had only been a few minutes since he'd stopped practicing his transformation and he could already feel the muscles in his hands stiffening, resisting when he tried to flex them.

(Tao, Rai, Takeo, Frankenstein | 673 words | G)
Tao peered at the laptop Rai had pulled from somewhere, shiny and black as it sat on his lap. It looked like he was using it for something, and Tao wandered over, leaning over the back of the couch to see what was on the screen.

Matters of the Heart
(M-21, Frankenstein | 1,210 words | PG-13)
The matters of the heart are not forgotten forever.

Meet and Greet
(Tao, M-21 | 732 words | G)
Tao had been around for a long time and he finally meets a human that can see him for what he really is: a sphynx.

(Seira, Tao | 471 words | G)
"Your grandpa's going to be working until late? Hey, you could come over to ours!"

(Tao, Takeo | 267 words | G)
Tao drops out of contact and Takeo goes to check on him.

(M-21, Regis, Frankenstein | 633 words | G)
There was something off, but M-21 couldn't place his finger on what it was.

(Tao, Frankenstein, M-21, Regis | 314 words | G)
"Hey, Boss?" Tao said, "What's that?"

(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Frankenstein | 996 words | G)
M-21 sat on the roof of Frankenstein's house, gazing up at the night sky, not really thinking about anything.

Movie Night
(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 654 words | PG-13)
"Whose side are you on?" "Takeo's." "Fine. But I'm allowed to look up spoilers when it's my turn to pick the movie."

(Tao, Takeo | 325 words | G)
Tao has no problems multitasking.

(M-21, Regis | 304 words | G)
"Why are you called 'M-21'?"

(M-21, Rai, Frankenstein | 2,668 words | PG-13)
M-21 was used to having someone in his space, someone close enough to reach out and touch, or someone touching him in turn. He'd gotten so used to someone always being so close to him that it was painful to see Frankenstein and his Master stand so close to each other, even if neither of them touched. It reminded him of what he didn't have. Couldn't have any more.

(M-21, Takeo, Tao, Rai, Frankenstein | 816 words | G)
There's two new humans in front of Ishibil's den.

New Day
(M-21, Ik-han, Yuna, Shinwoo | 510 words | PG-13)
It's the start of a new life for M-21.

New Skill
(M-21, Regis | 585 words | PG)
M-21 hasn't seen Regis cook before.

New Transformation
(M-21, Tao | 924 words| PG-13)
It wasn't M-21's usual transformation.

Night Disturbance
(Takeo, M-21, Frankenstein | 2,012 words | PG-13)
Something wakes Takio up in the middle of the night. When he leaves his room to check it out, what he finds isn't what he expected.

Not Quite Forgotten
(Shinwoo | 178 words | G)
Shinwoo is vaguely aware something happened.

Not Your Usual Investigation
(Tao, M-21 | 481 words | G)
Tao had started to notice there was something a little...weird going on in M-21's room. M-21 tended to keep his room neat - way different from Tao's organised chaos. It also made it obvious when something was out of place.

(Takeo/Rai | 1,008 words | G)
Takeo has an unexpected conversation with Rai.

Old Habits Die Hard
(M-21, Rai | 557 words PG-13)
Rai sometimes gets distracted and forgets.

(Tao/Takeo, maybe trioship, M-21 | 1,173 words | PG-13)
There had been some weird noises coming from Takeo's room. It was something M-21 had come to expect (and even dread) from Tao's room, but not Takeo's.

On the Ice
(M-21, Shinwoo, Takeo, Tao, Ik-han, Regis, Seira | 942 words | PG-13)
The household go to an ice rink.

(M-21, Tao | 746 words | G)
M-21 catches Tao red-handed.

(M-21, Tao, Seira | 519 words | G)
"Hey, Miss Seira, what colour are you wearing this time?" "Blue." M-21's fairly sure he's not supposed to be hearing this conversation…

Pace the Night
(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Frankenstein, Regis, Rai | 21,353words | PG-13)
The wolf was restless tonight.

Part of the Job
(M-21, Tao | 521 words | G)
M-21's just doing his job.

Pass the Time
(M-21, Tao | 548 words | G)
Tao wants to watch movies; he obviously doesn't have any ulterior motives for this.

(Frankenstein, Rai | 340 words | G)
Rai held up his hand and a carrier pigeon swooped in, landing there without hesitation.

(M-21, Yuna, Tao, Takeo, Rai | 961 words | G)
"Uhm, here," Yuna said, dipping her hand into her bag and pulled out a - What.

Pick Up
(Frankenstein, Muzaka, Tao, Karias, Takeo, M-21 | 6,017 words | PG)
Tao brought out his pocket computer and flicked it open. He peered at it for a second and then looked up at Frankenstein. "There's movement in the recovery room."

Planning a Surprise
(Tao, Frankenstein, M-21, Seira, Takeo, Rai, Regis | 1,500 words | PG-13)
Tao's planning something.

(Tao, Takeo, M-21 | 1,976 words | G)
"Hey," the black-haired human said, turning back to look at the entrance, "did someone leave a window open? We've got a couple of visitors."

Pleasant Memories
(M-21 | 210 words | PG-13)
M-21 muses.

(M-21, Tao | 780 words | PG-13)
Something nudged M-21's foot while he sat on the sofa and he blinked, looking down. There was a red ball there, the puppy staring up at him.

Play the Game
(Frankenstein, Seira, M-21 | 1,583 words | PG-13)
Nine people have been kidnapped to participate in a Nonary Game, a game that puts the lives of its participants in danger, in more ways than one.
Frankenstein and Seira infiltrate the group watching the game for entertainment so they can try to find where the game is being held, hopefully before the participants start dying one by one...

Power Outage
(Takeo, Tao, M-21, Regis, Seira | 460 words | PG-13)
The house was dark when they went back to it.

Practice Run
(Tao, Ik-han, Shinwoo, Takeo, M-21, Yuna, Seira | 1,519 words | PG)
"Laser tag? What's that?" Tao asked, blinking at Ik-han's question.

(Frankenstein, Rai | 5,060 words | G)
The mansion Frankenstein had stumbled into was dark and quiet. What was strange was the shirts he had found and the fact they all had a pair of slits running down the back of them...

(Frankenstein, Rai, Previous Lord | 538 words | PG)
Frankenstein sensed another presence within his and Rai's link.

(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 463 words | G)
They're all set. They're in Lukedonia, they're in their uniforms and… Uh… Something's missing.

(Tao, Takeo, M-21 | 462 words | G)
Dark Spear and Takeo and Tao.

(Rai | 122 words | G)
The world had changed from the last time he had seen it.

(Tao | 506 words | G)
Tao gets a new toy for the puppy to play with.

Puppy Piles
(M-21 | 82 words | G)
M-21 and puppy piles.

(Tao, M-21, Seira, Frankenstein | 2,748 | PG)
M-21 pushes his transformation too far in the middle of a fight.

Quest for Ice Cream
(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Frankenstein | 563 words | G)
Tao draped himself over M-21 and Takeo's shoulders. "It. Is. Scorching." "Your observational skills are amazing."

(Frankenstein, Rai | 482 words | G)
The living room was suspiciously quiet.

(Frankenstein, Rai | 649 words | G)
Rai smiled down at the filled teacup Frankenstein had just placed in front of him, amusement winding through their link. "What blend of tea have you made this time?"

Reach out
(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 1,051 words | G)
M-21 frowned as he entered the house, Takeo following him a few steps behind. From the shoes in the entranceway, they were one of the last to arrive. Apart from Tao.

(M-21/Takeo | 486 words | G)
When M-21 and Takeo return from work one day, there's Christmas decorations all over the house.

(Regis, Tao, M-21 | 445 words | G)
"Why are we wearing these masks?"

Reasons to Learn
(Takeo/Tao | 531 words | PG-13)
Tao thinks Takeo should learn a very important skill.

(M-21, Seira | 470 words | PG-13)
It had been a while since M-21 had thought about his memories.

(M-21, Rai, Frankenstein, Seira, Regis, Tao, Takeo | 2,026 words | PG-13)
M-21's head snapped up at a sound in front of him and he snarled, crouching over his packmates.

(Rai | 205 words | G)
Rai wakes up again after hibernating.

(Rai, Tao | 629 words | G)
Tao was more excited than usual as he approached the house, his thoughts bouncing from one thing to another. …No… He was trying to not think about something in particular.

(Tao, Seira, Rai | 399 words | G)
"Whoa, Miss Seira! Breakfast smells - huh?"

Recuperate and Relax
(Tao, Takeo, M-21 | 1,159 words | G)
"I can't believe you talked me into this," Tao grumbled, crossing his arms and huffing.

(Rai, Frankenstein | 287 words | G)
There was a yellow-haired human sitting on a bench in the park he stayed in. He had never seen him before, but the human was somehow familiar. ...His. The human was his. He had to investigate why he thought this.

(Tao/M-21, Takeo | 265 words | G)
Takeo’s had a bad night of sleep and he goes to Tao’s room without thinking. He doesn't find Tao alone like he expected.

(M-21, Frankenstein | 469 words | G)
M-21 is rescued.

Recovered Time
(Takeo, Aris | 2,900 words | PG-13)
While Takeo had lost his memories of his sister, he could continue making new ones with her. That was what mattered.

(M-21, Tao | 278 words | G)
M-21's injured; Tao thinks he knows how to help.

(Tao, Frankenstein | 341 words | G)
"There's no need to call me that," Frankenstein said. "You can call me Frankenstein."

(Rai, Frankenstein, Tao | 512 words | G)
In an old house, sometimes repairs are necessary.

(Frankenstein, Tao, Rai | 588 words | G)
Tao realises something, and the result of it isn't what anyone expected.

Rescue and Rest
(Kentas, Lunark, M-21, Rai, Tao, Regis, Frankenstein | 1,830 words | G)
Kentas and Lunark didn't know what to expect when they first entered the household of the Noblesse and Frankenstein.

(M-21, Regis, Tao, Frankenstein | 1,099 words | PG)
M-21 doesn't have good sleep one night.

(Tao, Seira | 353 words | G)
<Miss Seira, can you come to my room? I've got a surprise for you~ :D>

(M-21, Tao, Seira, Frankenstein | 2,284 words | G)
M-21's transformation levels up again.

Riding out the Storm
(Frankenstein, M-21 | 717 words | G)
In Lukedonia, Frankenstein is awoken by the sounds of someone running about in Rai's mansion.

(M-21, Lunark | 662 words | G)
M-21 has been cast from Heaven, their wings ripped from them.

Rubber Duck
(M-21, Tao | 414 words | G)
Tao needs M-21's very specific help with something.

Rumours and Reality
(M-21 | 356 words | PG-13)
M-21 gets dragged onto a new ship.

(M-24 | 448 words | PG-13)
He wasn't sure where he was going, but he knew he had to get away.

(M-21, Frankenstein | 557 words | PG-13)
There is a rather obvious problem when your clothes are destroyed after every major fight…

(M-21, Tao | 1,623 words | G)
M-21's scars used to be there…

(Kentas/M-21, Tao | 1,961 words | PG)
Kentas is still getting used to how humans do things, now that he's a traitor to his Clan.

Search and Find
(Frankenstein, M-21 | 2,508 words | G)
On a routine attack on a Union lab, Frankenstein finds one of his own kind.

(Tao, Takeo, M-21, Frankenstein, Rai, Seira, Regis | 1,334 words | G)
Takeo and M-21 are planning something; Tao's on the case to find out what.

Security Measures
(Tao, Takeo, M-21 | 700 words | G)
"What's wrong?" Takeo asked, leaning in to look over Tao shoulder.
"Nothing, technically," Tao said, tilting his phone to let him see the screen.
[The house has been protected!!]

(M-21, M-24, Tao | 714 words | G)
"What are they doing?"

(Tao, M-21 | 867 words | PG)
Tao notices M-21 holds himself a little differently after a spar.

Setting Up
(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 708 words | G)
They're at the forbidden area, but there's a couple of things they have to do first.

(M-21, Janitor | 488 words | G)
Time passes without M-21 realising it.

(Tao, Takeo, M-21 | 333 words | G)
Tao notices something different about M-21.

(M-21, Puppy | 553 words | G)
M-21 just wanted to take a bath.

(Tao, Takeo, M-21 | 560 words | G)
M-21 hadn't come downstairs to leave for work yet.

(Takeo, Tao, M-21 | 211 words | G)
Takeo waited patiently, his attention down the scope.

Should Have Known
(M-21, Tao | 415 words | PG-13)
M-21 raised his eyebrow at the piece of paper Tao had held up in front of him. "What is that?"

(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 1,152 words | G)
Tao decides the RK-5 need fighting clothes.

Side Effect
(Tao, Frankenstein, M-21, Takeo | 16,376 words | G)
Tao knew about the possibility of side effects. This one? Had never crossed his mind.

(M-21, Ashleen, Muzaka | 1,200 words | PG-13)
M-21's been dumped into the middle of nowhere; all he's got to do is get home before the others start worrying he's died.

(M-21, Frankenstein | 445 words | PG-13)
The children want to know about M-21's family.

(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 688 words | G)
M-21 hears something in the house and goes to investigate.

Sleeping Habits
(M-21/Takeo/Tao | 300 words | PG-13)
Tao's a little clingy when he sleeps.

Sleepless Night
(Tao, Rai | 571 words | G)
Tao sighed as he went down the stairs, yawning. And the lights were still on in the living room. Who was up at this time of night?

(Kentas/M-21 | 709 words | PG-13)
Kentas asks M-21 a weird but innocuous question.

(M-21, Tao | 648 words | G)
M-21 has a question for Tao.

Small Request
(Frankenstein, Rai | 257 words | G)
Frankenstein's distracted by data in his lab.

Sneak Attack
(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 756 words | PG-13)
Tao wants a snowball fight.

Snowball Fight
(Regis, Shinwoo, Seira, Yuna, Ik-han | 336 words | G)
Regis raised an eyebrow. "Han Shinwoo, what are you doing?"

Snowed In
(Tao, M-21, Takeo, Frankenstein | 437 words | G)
Even if they're snowed in, the trio are getting to work, no matter what.

(Tao, M-21, Takeo, Seira | 413 words | G)
Tao hummed under his breath as he put the finishing touches to his 'snowman' in Frankenstein's back garden.

Something Different
(Takeo, Tao | 525 words | PG-13)
Takio woke up one morning a little different.

Something New
(Muzaka, Rai | 878 words | G)
The next time Muzaka visits Rai goes a little different.

(Tao, Takeo, M-21 | 633 words | G)
Tao stumbled through the forest, his breath short as he leapt over roots, his grip tight on his staff as he heard the horses draw close. Damn! Did they have someone who could sense mages with them?

(Tao, Takeo, Frankenstein | 211 words | G)
"Hey, Takeo, gimmie your head for a sec, will ya?"

(Frankenstein, Rai | 440 words | G)
It had been a long time since Frankenstein founded this particular school.

Step up
(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 919 words | PG-13)
M-21 grows stronger during a spar with Takeo.

(M-21, Frankenstein | 565 words | PG)
"Are you sure?" Frankenstein said. M-21 nodded. "You're the only one I'd trust to do this."

Subtle Message
(M-21/Tao | 184 words | G)
Tao brings something home; M-21's not sure of the reason why.

(Karias/Rajak | 515 words | G)
Karias sees something he would like to buy for Rajak.

(M-21, Muzaka, Tao, Takeo, Frankenstein, Rai | 2,085 words)
Raizel-nim and Muzaka wouldn't stop staring at M-21.

(Rai, Muzaka | 123 words | G)
Rai, Muzaka and surprises.

Suspicious Noises
(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 672 words | PG-13)
M-21 hears some suspicious noises from the roof and goes to investigate.

(M-21, Tao | 296 words | G)
The days were getting colder.

(Tao, M-21, Seira, Rai | 653 words | G)
M-21 is given some help with his hair.

(Takeo, Tao, Frankenstein, M-21 | 5,296 words | PG-13)
M-21 was missing. He had to be in a fight, so all Tao and Takeo had to do was find him and help him out, like always. Right?

Taste Test
(Takeo/Tao | 465 words | G)
Tao wants Takeo to taste something.

(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 319 words | PG-13)
M-21 and Takeo catch Tao dancing in his room.

(Takeo, M-21, Tao, Frankenstein | 1,357 words | G)
There's one obvious problem when Takeo grows a set of wings.

Tend To
(Takeo, M-21, Tao | 1,205 words | G)
Tao isn't coming down with a cold. Really.

Territory Boundary
(Muzaka | 258 words | G)
Muzaka visits the city.

Test Flight
(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 2,238 words | G)
The test flight for Ishibil's saddle should go without a hitch.

Ties that Bind
(M-21, Rai, Frankenstein, Tao, Takeo | 3,588 | PG-13)
Awakening someone does more than draw out the power within a person.

(M-21, Tao(TA-0) | 436 words | PG-13)
Something had touched M-21 while he was sleeping and he snapped his hand up, clamping it around a wrist.

(Tao/M-21 | 584 words | R)
Tao and M-21 are making out. It doesn't go in the direction Tao expects it to.

That's it?
(M-21, Frankenstein, Rai | 2,979 words | G)
The signs said M-21 had difficulty sleeping and Frankenstein could hazard a few guesses of the cause. The problem was Frankenstein was sure M-21 would treat any remedy he offered him with suspicion.
If he were to keep him busy, however, that could help stop M-21 from dwelling too much.

The Expected Change
(Frankenstein, Rai | 1,020 words | G)
Rai had refused to hibernate again and now, Frankenstein was beginning to think that it would only be a matter of time before the consequences became apparent.

The Forest
(M-21, Rai, Frankenstein | 739 words | G)
Myung-Dae ran through the dark forest, his breath trapped in his throat. The forest that Myung-Dae had always been warned to never step into, because mortals weren't welcome.

The Wrong Approach
(Frankenstein, Rai, Tao, Takeo, M-21 | 681 words | G)
Dear Diary...

(M-21/Kentas/Takeo/Tao | 368 words | G)
M-21's sure this is all one big mistake.

(Takeo/Tao | 146 words | G)
Tao invading Takeo's space because he felt like it wasn't anything new.

(M-21, Seira | 407 words | PG-13)
M-21 and Seira are on a very important mission.

(M-21/Tao, Takeo | 5,422 words | PG-13)
The trio carry on the tradition of always eating dinner together when they move out of the household; Tao does, sometimes, need a little prodding.

(OC, M-21 | 1,201/1,863 words | PG)
He had been alone for a long time, but then he found a trail that led him to a human settlement.

(Rael, Rajak | 1,347 words | G)
"I want to watch you train!" Rajak paused, and then he smiled as he tucked his own chair under the table. "I was wondering when you were going to ask."

(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 724 words | G)
Tao decides he has an urge for coffee and drags Takeo and M-21 along. You know, as usual.

(M-21, Frankenstein, Tao, Takeo | 2,164 words | PG-13)
M-21 glanced down at the pile of clothes in Frankenstein's hands before looking up at him. "This is your uniform for tomorrow."

(Takeo, Tao | 212 words | G)
When Takeo neared Tao and his words were completely unintelligible, Takeo wondered if there was something wrong with his ears.

Travel the World
(M-21, M-24 | 7,532 words | R)
M-21 and M-24 saw a lot of places when they worked for the Union.

(M-21, Tao, Frankenstein | 904 words | G)
Ishibil's gotten used to fighting the Union with Tao and Takeo on his back. But his magic still doesn't react in the way he expects and. He's seeing two Taos.

(Takeo, Tao, Rai, Frankenstein | 472 words | G)
"Tao, what are you doing?" "I think it's pretty obvious what I'm doing."

(M-21, Seira | 405 words | PG-13)
M-21's still getting used to his powers.

Twists of Fate
(Nakida, Huian, M-21 | 41,671 words | PG-13)
Nakida’s a hacker in the middle of a job to find some information. Except they’re not the only one breaking into the building that night - there’s a silver-haired guy walking around like cameras don’t exist. If he wants to get caught, it’s not their problem.
Huian’s on guard duty to protect the information they’re after. Usually it’s quiet - all she has to do is enter the system, keep an eye on the camera feeds and patrol around the clusters of data to make sure no-one gets to them.
Their pasts connect them, even if they don’t remember. And the past does tend to come back.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo, Rai, Seira | 334 words | G)
Rai was missing.

(Frankenstein, Rai, M-21 | 1,938 words | G)
The first few days after M-21 had been taken into the household were filled with late nights.

(Rai, Muzaka, Ashleen | 519 words | G)
Rai sensed someone else was with Muzaka the next time he visited.

Wake Up and Bake
(M-21, Frankenstein | 1,261 words | G)
M-21 can't sleep and Frankenstein helps to distract him.

Walk In
(Tao/Takeo->Trioship, M-21 | 440 words | G)
M-21 walks in to see Takeo and Tao kissing under the mistletoe.

(Frankenstein, Rai | 376 | G)
Frankenstein wants a change of clothes after sparring with Ragar.

Want to Explore
(Frankenstein | 243 words | G)
Cadis Etrama Di Franken wanted to see humans. What they did, how they lived, if they were as weak as the others said. If they truly needed his protection or not.

Warm Drinks
(Frankenstein, Tao | 237 words | G)
Frankenstein just smiled as he watched everyone tumble through the door and out the cold.

Warm Up
(Takeo/Tao | 445 words | G)
Tao's cold one night.

(M-21, Takeo, Tao | 417 words | PG-13)
There are different warnings the members of the household give, depending on the situation.

Washed Up
(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 20,241 words | PG-13)
This'll be fun, Tao said. It'll be something you've never done before, Tao said. Chin-mae agrees that breaking into an aquarium on a night out is something he's never done before.
He wouldn't consider stealing an octopus as fun though. Or what happens afterwards because of it.

(M-21, Tao, Takeo | 326 words | G)
There was someone watching M-21.

(Tao, Frankenstein | 410 words | G)
It felt strange to be submerged in another tank after so long, Tao mused.

Welcome to the Dark Side
(Tao, Rai, Frankenstein | 649 words | G)
Oh, what can result from saying something out loud without realising who's listening.

Welcome to the Household
(Muzaka, Tao, Frankenstein, Rai | 611 words | G)
Tao gifts the newest member of the household with something.

White Noise
(Tao | 172 words | G)
Sometimes the house is too quiet for Tao’s ears.

(M-21, Rai, Frankenstein | 6,328 words | PG-13)
M-21 is used to being a dog of the Union; that's all he's ever been. His latest mission is a simple one. At least, that's what he thought it would be.
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