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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: M-21 has been cast from Heaven, their wings ripped from them.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 662
Status: Complete

M-21 sucked air into their lungs over and over again, the action automatic for their body now. Just like the blood rushing through them, their heart thudding hard enough they could feel it in their fingers.

A beating heart. Working lungs. The symbols of life.

M-21 didn’t want it.

Their back felt empty from the lack of wings, the wings Jake had ripped off to add to their four pairs.

Because power was what matter and if an angel was weak enough to let their wings, their source of power, be stolen from them, then all that was left was to cast them from Heaven.

Only the strongest angels were needed to fight the Devil’s hordes.

Water fell from the sky, hitting their skin in a second soft heartbeat and hissing all around them.

Too many sensations at once. They continued to lie there as everything jostled for their attention.

They blinked when the water stopped over their head, like when a comrade shielded them from the light with a wing.

There wasn’t an angel above them — they didn’t have any wings. A human then.

The human was holding something above their heads that blocked off the water. They had hair that fell to their shoulders in loose waves, and in the dim light it looked like they had pink eyes.

“Are you going to lie there for the rest of the night or are you going to get up?”

Huh? M-21 stared up at them. “You can see me?” The words were slow on their tongue.

The human huffed, adjusting their grip on what was blocking the rain. “Everyone can now.”

…Oh. Right. Without their wings they couldn’t hide their presence to humans anymore.

“There isn’t that many who can see where your wings used to be though.”

Their eyes widened at the human’s words. “I thought-”

“We can continue this inside,” the human cut them off. “Being ill sucks enough when you aren’t getting used to a physical body.”

How…? How did the human know what they’d been?

But the human knew this world and how physical bodies worked better than they did.

“All right.” M-21 pushed themselves up with a grunt, their arms shaking.

Was this what it was like to live as a human? Their bodies so heavy they resisted moving?

They pulled themselves to their feet and wavered, feeling their wings’ lack when they didn’t check their balance.

M-21 tilted their head at the human once they were sure they wouldn’t fall over. The human was taller than them, and the human really did have pink eyes.


The human was still standing there, shielding them as much as they could from the falling water.

Helping someone else tended to only happeb amongst the lower tiered angels, working together to protect their wings; that didn’t tend to happen with the stronger angels, since that meant they would need to share the wings they’d gained, or they attacked each other to get an even bigger boost in power.

M-21 ducked their head. “Thank you.”

They lifted their head in time to see the human’s raised eyebrow. “What’s there to thank me for?”

They didn’t have the words for it, just that they knew they had to.

“I live over there,” the human said, nodding towards one of the tall buildings nearby.

M-21 nodded and started following them there.


Written for writing-prompt-s' 'Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings… by tearing them off the back of the weakest angel and casting them down to earth.'


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