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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Tao returns home.
Rating: G
Genre: Family
Word count: 417
Total word count: 5,422
Status: Complete

Tao hummed under his breath as he closed the front door behind him, murmuring a “I’m home.”

He smiled at the warmth the words brought, that he did have a home to return to, and he cocked his head at the sound of the tv in the living room.

Were they still up? He changed his shoes and walked in.

A corner of his mouth curled up at the sight of M-21 and Takeo on the sofa, their heads leaning against each other as they snoozed, Kyung-hee curled up on their laps.

Kyung-hee noticed him first, an ear twisting towards him as her tail thumped against the sofa. She was about to jump off the sofa but Tao waved her down.

“You’re late,” M-21 grumbled, his eyes only opening up enough to be called slits, his hands stroking Kyung-hee to soothe her.

“And I told you two we were changing the systems today,” Tao said, sighing as he shook his head. It didn’t stop the grin on his face though.

“Still late,” Takeo agreed, yawning.

“I’m not that late,” Tao said, raiding the fridge. “The moon’s still up.”

He got more grumbles in response and he was sure he would have had a pillow flung at him if they hadn’t been sitting on it. Which said just how tired they really were.

“You didn’t have to stay up for me,” Tao said as he brought them tea.

“Kyung-hee insisted.”

She perked up at her name, which was enough for Tao to scoot under her, Takeo’s arm sliding over his shoulders.

“Yeah, I’m sure it was just Kyung-hee,” Tao said as he dug into his midnight meal.

“If we didn’t wait here, she was going to leave the house and search for you herself.”

“Awww, you love me.” Tao planted a kiss on her head. “And so do you two.” He sat up and kissed Takeo on the cheek. “M, come‘ere.”

“I’m trapped,” he said, his voice deadpan, not making a move to shift Kyung-hee.

Tao turned his wide eyes to Takeo.

With a soft chuckle, Takeo leaned forward so Tao could grab M-21 and drag him closer.

That done, Tao turned his attention to the tv screen. “Do ya have any idea what’s going on in this?”


“Then we’ll find out,” Tao said, getting back to eating. They probably wouldn’t, Takeo and M-21 dropping off again while he watched, but the warm familiar press of their bodies was all he needed to know he was home.


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