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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Tao buys a brush
Rating: G
Genre: Family
Word count: 564
Total word count: 21,134
Status: Work in progress

“Heeey, M,” Tao called out in the living room, and a furry head poked in from the garden door, M-21 trotting in when he saw Tao. The door closed behind him, shutting out the night air.

“Look what I got ya!” Tao said, pulling the brush out of the shopping bag. He’d gotten one for the puppy a month ago, but since M-21′s fur was thicker, Tao figured it was better if he bought one just for M-21.

M-21 sniffed at it for a second and then opened his jaws, leaning in.

“Ah! No!” Tao tapped the top of his snout with the flat of the brush. “It’s for brushing you!”

M-21 blinked, but he didn’t try to eat it again.

“Your winter coat’s coming out,” Tao said, “so this’ll help before you shed everywhere.” Or maybe all the fur would disappear between moons. Still. Tao wanted to do this now instead of waiting to find out which one was true.

M-21 grumbled, looking at him.

“All you gotta do is stand or sit there,” Tao told him.

He got a nod in response and Tao grinned as he started.

M-21′s fur was loose enough Tao could take clumps out with his spare hand as he brushed.

And he brushed.

And he brushed.

M-21 threw a look at him over his shoulder and Tao waved a hand. “You have a lot of fur!” To prove his point, Tao put the fur-laden brush under M-21′s snout. “See?” He hadn’t even started M-21′s other side yet!

M-21 huffed, turning away again.

Tao leaned back and when he stretched, his back cracked. “Wanna walk around for a bit?”

M-21 dropped down onto his forelegs and once he was done, he shook himself, throwing more fur everywhere.

“Probably a good spot to pause anyway, heh,” Tao said, looking around all the fur that must have dropped while he wasn’t looking. “I’ll clean this up first.”

M-21 watched as Tao swept everything up and got another back ready. “I wonder if I can make something from all this,” Tao mused, staring at the filled bag. There had to be something. Maybe a mini-M-21? Though at this rate it would be the same size as M-21.

He could figure it out once they were done.

“Now for round two!” Tao declared, grinning as M-21 came up to him again. Tao scratched M-21′s head as soon as he was in reach. And got a handful of fur.

“Is your entire winter coat coming out at once?” Tao said, baffled as he put the new batch into the waiting bag.

He got a low growl in return, M-21′s ears flat.

“Yeah, I know you wouldn’t know,” Tao said. “Just thinking out loud.”

If M-21 transformed like this once a month, maybe his body freaked out at the sudden change of temperature and wanted it all gone as soon as possible?

It took Tao less time to finish M-21′s other side, using his cables to tug off the extra loose fur.

“Aaand done!” With two filled bags and Tao was sure he was going to make a replica M-21 one way or another.

This time when M-21 shook himself off, no extra fur flew off.

Laughing, Tao threw an arm around M-21′s scruff, and they fell to the ground in a heap as M-21 tried to lick his face in retaliation.


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