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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Something was off.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 219
Total word count: 21,353
Status: Work in progress

Takeo turned his head to the soft swish of the door opening as he looked through the fridge for breakfast. There was nothing after that, so it wasn't Tao who entered.

Food found, he took it out and smiled at the large silver wolf who was sniffing at the sofa.


He was cut off by a warning growl, M-21 spinning to face him, teeth bared and ears flat.

"M…21?" Takeo said, starting to frown. "What's wrong?" He didn't seem hurt; it was almost as if…

M-21 didn't quieten, his grown ratcheting even louder.

He didn't recognise him. Even on the first full moon, M-21 had gone straight to him and Tao, had sought them out.

The first - Takeo glanced outside the window, where sunlight was streaming in. He'd never been transformed past when the sun rose and it hadn't been a full night the previous night — he and Tao would have spent it with M-21.

"M-21," Takeo tried again, watching his every movement, hoping he wasn't right," if you understand me, raise your left paw please." Please. It had amused Tao that M-21 would do almost anything they said when he was instinctual. Because he trusted them. Because he still remembered enough of his human life to filter through.

All four paws stayed on the floor.

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