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Fandom: Birdmen
Summary: Sou hears the others for the first time.
Notes: Set during chapter 2
I’ve currently only read up to chapter 6, so if this got explored later, whoops. XD; I was just too excited to wait, heh.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 404
Status: Complete

Something has been tapping at Sou’s attention all day, following him home. It’s not a call for help — there’s none of the urgency he’s used to, or his wings demanding he help.

Instead, while his wings aren’t quiet in his mind, it’s like…an echo. Resonating.

It’s never felt this before but he knows. The wings know.

They can sense other people who have wings. It had worked. It had finally worked.

Sou lets out a long exhale, making sure he remembers it. If he got those feelings confused the next time someone called for help…

But he won’t.

There’s no way he could make a mistake with them. There’s a warmth there, a calmness that isn’t like the jagged panic that pierces his mind when he’s called.

His shoulder blades itch and he turns his head to the east, already stripping out of his shirt. Every second counts when someone’s d…

It’s not a call to be saved.

It’s a call for him.

He’s heard them before, but those had been flickers, a lone match in a misty field. This he can feel as if they’re connected to his head, the intent clear, and his wings flare again.

And his mind is resonating harder. It’s not hard to figure out who’s calling him.

His wings unfurl as he throws the rest of his clothes off, squeezing out his window before his wings get too big.

It doesn’t take too long to get to Tengu Bridge and he sees the four standing on the helipad, their wings out as their voices buzz in his head. They don’t have their armour out yet, but it had taken him a few days to find out about that, to get so in tune with his wings to test what else he could do with them.

And then it hits him. It really hits him.

He’d seen Karasuma in class alive, but the contract might not have worked. All he could remember of his own contract was sharing blood through the haze of losing consciousness. There might have been more to it, but it looks like there isn’t.

Which means he needs to teach them what he knows before the next Black Out.

The still haven’t reacted to him yet, probably don’t realise they can sense him.

He needs to figure out what to start with, what’s most important.

Sou backs off, turns and flies back home to prepare.


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