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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Being an omega meant being weak. Alphas were favoured in the Union, were better killers, more aggressive, were respected more.
M-21 hated that he was an omega, but he wasn't going to let other people know that he was one.
Contains: 'This group is inherently inferior and weaker to this other group' thoughts.
Notes: Omegaverse AU. Been curious to try poking at this verse, heh.
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Word count: 1,591
Status: Complete

Being in Frankenstein and Rai's house set M-21's teeth on edge. The place was clean, didn't smell like a lab. That wasn't the problem — it was the people.

"Ah, are you going out, M-21?" Frankenstein asked from the kitchen, pouring a cup of tea.

It was an innocuous question, one that Frankenstein probably didn't even care about getting the answer to; M-21 gritted his teeth anyway, the traitorous part of him wanting to duck away from Frankenstein's gaze, to skitter away from the door and towards Frankenstein because he obviously wanted something.

M-21 stomped hard on that impulse, meeting Frankenstein's gaze like an alpha should.

"Yeah, what about it?" M-21 said instead.

"Nothing," Frankenstein said, turning away towards the cookie jar, his question answered.

M-21 let out a controlled exhale at not needing to keep eye contact anymore.

"We'll be having dinner in an hour, so be back by then."

There was an underlying order there, one that would have had any regular omega rushing to acknowledge they'd heard.

"Whatever." M-21 left, his back straight and his hands shoved into his pockets so no-one could see his clenched fists.

He let a tremble go down his spine once he was in the safety of a rooftop where the street lights couldn't touch.

Frankenstein and Raizel-nim probably didn't realise how powerful they were. Or they knew, but didn't know how badly their presences affected M-21. How could they when they were alphas who had taken down a transformed Jake and Mary without trying? They didn't know what it was like to be weak, to be an omega.

Being an omega meant being weak. Alphas were favoured in the Union, were better killers, more aggressive, were respected more.

Being an omega meant being bottom rung amongst experimental material, the ones who got kicked around for amusement. Because that was their place, to show their necks in submission if an alpha so much as looked at them.

M-21 hated that, hated what he was, that he was supposed to submit to whatever alpha walked past. Some random chance had meant he was born inherently weaker and more submissive than the people around him.

In the Union, M-21 had promised to do whatever he could to protect his comrades. The easiest way had been to pretend he was an alpha, to shove back and snarl at whoever had tried to hurt his comrades.

It had worked. It had been tiring, but it had worked. His comrades had been left alone more once he started.

There...wasn't much point pretending anymore. He wasn't in the Union, and the last of his comrades was dead.

But he couldn't stop. Being an omega was being weak, and Frankenstein and Raizel-nim only took him in because they thought he was an alpha. If they knew what he was, they would change the way they treated him and M-21 wouldn't allow that.

Frankenstein acted like an omega to Raizel-nim, accommodating his every need, but he could do that because he was an alpha and Raizel-nim was an even stronger alpha. That was how the hierarchy worked.

M-21 took another couple of breaths to steady himself. He was in a better situation than he'd ever been, now under the protection of two powerful alphas.

So he would keep pretending to be an alpha, because that was what they thought he was.

* * *

"I want them in the house," M-21 said, staring at Frankenstein even as the traitorous omega part of him wanted to soften the demand, say that it wasn't his place to ask.

Takeo and Tao had stopped at his words but M-21 didn't dare look away from Frankenstein's gaze.

Frankenstein looked away first, a soft smile on his face. It was so unexpected, M-21 nearly gawked. Frankenstein had backed down to him?

"Of course," Frankenstein said, "this is your home as well."

M-21 nearly missed his words, still reeling that Frankenstein had looked away. And then Frankenstein's words sunk in, that Frankenstein was giving him what he wanted.

Tao whooped and jumped on M-21, almost dragging the both down.

It...would be nice to have people around who had gone through similar to what he had.

* * *

Having Takeo and Tao around was a balm on M-21's frazzled nerves of constantly being surrounded by alphas and needing to always keep his act up. While Tao was also another alpha, Takeo was an omega; M-21 wasn't sure how Takeo had made it that high up in the hierarchy, but must be because of his ability with guns.

M-21 wanted to talk with Takeo, but he and Tao were usually together. It made sense; they were in a strange place and unsure of the people around them.

And...if M-21 did tell Takeo what he was really was, Takeo could change how he acted around him, tipping off the others.

"There ya are!" Tao's arm snaked around M-21's shoulders before M-21 could do anything. "Takeo's already in his room," Tao said, tugging him in that direction.

M-21 let himself be led, not trying to resist too hard. He hadn't slept well the previous night and was working on auto-pilot.

Takeo was sitting on his bed, reading a book. Takeo looked up at him and smiled. M-21 nodded back at him.

"All riiight!" Tao said, with so much energy he was bouncing on his toes. "I've got a bunch of stuff we could watch!"

Tao dragged him to the bed. Maybe it was because M-21 was tired or distracted, that the other alphas in the house left him alone, but once M-21 was in bed, he tilted his head back at Tao's touch.

Tao's soft inhale made M-21 snap back to reality and he shot off the bed, terror freezing his insides. His mistake for lowering his guard. They couldn't know. They couldn't know he was weak.

M-21 snarled when Tao's cables wrapped around his legs and he toppled to the ground. The cables snapped around his arms so he couldn't move them and M-21 bared his teeth when Tao sat on his stomach, pinning him further.

"You're an omega too?" Tao said, peering down at him and M-21 snarled again, wanting the hell out of there as shame heated his cheeks. At being what he was, at being so weak to reveal that by accident.

"Phew!" Tao said, leaning back against M-21's legs. "I can stop acting too then!"

...What? Why would...

Tao grinned at him, the cables slipping off M-21's limbs. "We have more in common than I thought!"

M-21 couldn't think. Tao couldn't be saying what he thought he was.

"Pretending to be an alpha all the time is tiring isn't it?" Tao stood up and held his hand out to M-21.

M-21 didn't move, still staring at him. "You're-?"

Tao nodded. "Yup! I'm the best at people management, and I had to act like an alpha — the rest of the DA-5 wouldn't have listened to my instructions otherwise."

When M-21 didn't take his hand, Tao shrugged and wandered back to Takeo, throwing himself at him so his head was on Takeo's lap.

M-21 sat up, still trying to wrap his head around what he'd just learned.

Takeo was running his fingers through Tao's hair, his eyes still on his book. Like it wasn't a massive surprise M-21 had been living a lie the entire time. But his eyes weren't moving, so he had to be paying attention to M-21. Pretending there was nothing wrong...? If Tao had also been pretending, wouldn't be that weird for Takeo.

"But if it was tiring to act like an alpha all the time, why did you invite me to meet with you?" It didn't make sense. Tao could have relaxed with Takeo, instead of bringing him there. M-21's refuge was his room where he didn't have to act in front of anyone else.

He got a sharp grin in response from Tao. "If it was so annoying to you, why'd you accept and come over?"

M-21 blinked, opening and closing his mouth. Because he was dragged by Tao wasn't a good enough answer when he could have walked away with no questions asked. That was something an alpha could do.

He'd went over because he still wanted their company even if he had to act during the entire time.

Takeo gestured him over and M-21 went because he wanted to. Because he wanted to be close to them.

M-21 was too used to his armour of his alpha act to fully relax around other people, so he didn't throw himself down like Tao had. He sat down on Takeo's other side instead and after a second's hesitation, leaned on him.

M-21 wasn't sure what Takeo was reading, but he looked over at Tao's raised hand, which had his phone in it.

"Still got a list of stuff to watch, unless you wanna stay in a cuddle pile instead."

M-21 was still mulling that over (Takeo was warm. Not was warm as M-24, but it was still nice to be able to be in contact with another body again) when Takeo said, "How about both?"

"Great idea, Takeo!" Tao continued waving the phone. "Anyone wanna pick, or do I chuck them all into a randomiser and we let the gods of chance choose for us?"

The 'gods of chance' had already fucked M-21's life over by making him an omega, but if it was for something as inconsequential as this, M-21 wouldn't mind if they made the decision this time around.


Frankenstein didn't realise M-21's an omega because he assumed anything that was 'off' for an alpha was poor socialisation on the Union's part. Rai knew but didn't say anything because M-21 didn't want the others to know so Rai respected that.

Rai's an omega. Everyone just assumes he's an alpha because of his power and social standing. And since Frankenstein is his servant, that 'has' to mean Rai's a stronger alpha.


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