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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: "What's wrong?" Takeo asked, leaning in to look over Tao shoulder.
"Nothing, technically," Tao said, tilting his phone to let him see the screen.
[The house has been protected!!]
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 700
Status: Complete

"And then I said-" Tao fished his phone out his pocket when it buzzed. "-that if she - huh?" He blinked, reading the text over again.

"What's wrong?" Takeo asked, leaning in to look over his shoulder.

"Nothing, technically," Tao said, tilting his phone to let him see the screen.

[The house has been protected!!]

M-21 frowned at the message. "Who's that from?"

It was an understandable question, seeing how the children had taken Raizel-nim, Seira-yang and Regis to the PC Bang so they shouldn't be at the house. Boss was staying behind at school like usual and, well. The text looked like it could have come from him, which obviously it hadn't. There wasn't enough emojis either.

"The house," Tao told them, tapping his thumb at the sending number.

"" Takeo repeated.

"What did you do?" M-21 said, sighing.

"Nothing!" Tao waved his hand holding the phone in protest. "I didn't program the security system to contact me if something happened —though maybe I should, but hey, it's not like anyone would be a threat to my system— so she's not supposed to initiate contact with me." Which was suspicious. Maybe someone had broken through all his security measures and was trying to pretend everything was fine.

[Report,] Tao tapped out, and got a log a second later. Still suspicious if his security system wasn't under his control anymore.

He hummed as he scrolled through the log, checking all the timestamps. Whoever it was, they weren't as fast as Ik-han. Disappointing. There was no way they'd gotten through then. Well, he hadn't missed a good hacker battle.

Tao paused at the end of the report, where the security system had triangulated and broke through all the encryptions the hacker had set up to try and hide their location. And given him the address the hacker was most likely to be at. Some place in America, huh.

Definitely not something he'd programmed into the system, but with his laptop hooked up to the system when he'd been hacking into other places... But that would mean... Hm.

[good job!!]

[<3!! Further input?]

Hmm. [not yet] Not until he'd gotten home to double-check in person.

"C'mon!" Tao said, pulling away from Takeo and M-21. "Race ya back home!"

He heard their startled protests as he ran, laughing.

* * *

The front door clicked open as Takeo ran at it, Tao and M-21 close on his heels.

"Damn," Tao said. "I should have said that when I'd gotten a better head start!"

"You would have still lost," M-21 said, his gaze fixed on the door before looking at Tao.

"Maaaybe." If it had been at night, he could have used his cables. "It's what I wanted to check," Tao said as the door swung open for them."

"I'm hooome?" Tao called out when he was inside, tugging at his laces.

The lights flicked on before they got near and laughter bubbled out of Tao's throat. "It's nice you're welcoming us like that, but it's still bright enough outside we don't need that."

The lights winked out. [Welcome home,] came from the speakers.

It was one of the default voices from a script reader, with no inflection.


"Iii think I might have created sentient life?" Tao said, grinning at them. It was too early to tell just yet but he had a good feeling about this.

"But first I gotta deal with the person who thought they could get through my system, hmph."

[Shut down or virus?]

Tao's grin stretched as wide it would go. "Oh, I know I'm gonna love you."

[You've already said that.]

Tao was sure there was a smug tone to that voice. "You been holding out on me? You been sentient all this time and you never told me?"

[There hadn't been a need.]

That was technically true.

"At least they're not completely like you," M-21 said with a snort.

"Says you," Tao threw over his shoulder, sticking his tongue out. There was still time for the security system's personality to develop. "You two coming or not?"

"Of course we are," Takeo said, nodding.

"Great!" They could figure out if the security really had developed sentience together.


Written for writing-prompt-s' 'A “smart house” is taken over by a hacker intent on terrorising the inhabitants. They can control door locks, appliances, plumbing, etc. By complete coincidence, the house’s AI achieves sentience at the same time - and it wants to protect its “family” above all else.'


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