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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: M-21 knows something's wrong.
Notes: Inspired by talking with Ibijus.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 526
Total word count: 21,879
Status: Work in progress

Tao hummed as he worked on his latest project. He'd made good progress since starting that night; he could still do more. The clacking of keys was a pleasant white noise but they weren't enough to hide the door swishing open and the pitter-patter of approaching paws on the tiles.

"Hey, M," Tao said, keeping his eyes on the monitor. Huh, he knew it was a full moon tonight but he hadn't thought it was late enough for the moon to be up already.

"You bored?" Tao slide out a cable and scratched the base M-21's ears with it. M-21 didn't tend to come see him in the security room, usually sticking upstairs.

M-21 huffed and shook the cable off.

Tao blinked and looked at him. That wasn't a normal reaction. "Something wrong?"

M-21 nodded and clasped Tao's hand with his jaws, tugging him towards the door.

Tao saved his work before standing up and letting M-21 lead him.

M-21 wasn't in a rush, moving at a slow trot, so it wasn't something life threatening. But still. It had to be important if M-21 fetched him.

...Had M-21 gotten the others first or did it have something to do with them?

There weren't any messages left on Tao's phone, even after they reached the house. Unless the others didn't have their phones with them?

M-21 led him upstairs and then stopped outside Tao's door.

Tao froze, staring. It couldn't be someone breaking in -his security would have picked up on that- which left him with one scenario.

"Oh no..." Tao groaned, dread flooding his gut. It couldn't be, could it?

If the puppy had gotten in and wrecked all his cables again...

With the image of chewed wires filling his mind, Tao braced himself and opened his door.

His door swung open without a sound and Tao held his breath.


Blinking, Tao stepped into his room, trying to take everything in.

Still nothing.

His room was the same as he'd left it, not one cable out of place.

"M," Tao said, turning, "what-?"

M-21 collected his hand again. And tugged him towards his bed.

Oh. That was- "M-21," Tao said, chuckling as relief relaxed his tense muscles all at once, "you know what they say about 'crying wolf', right?" Tao scruffed M-21's fur with his free hand. "You worried me for nothing!"

M-21 threw a flat look at him and then jumped onto Tao's bed, pawing at it.

"Unless what was 'wrong' was me being up late," Tao mused. Then M-21 hadn't lied. "But okay, I see your point. Time for bed."

Tao threw himself onto his bed, wriggling until he found a comfortable spot. "See?" he said, grinning up at M-21. "I'm in - oof!"

M-21 flopped on top of his chest, pinning him. When M-21 didn't move, Tao sighed.

"I'm not getting away, huh?" Not that he wanted to, since he really had intended to sleep.

He got an affirmative growl as an answer, M-21 curling up tighter.

"Heh, definitely not going anywhere." Tao hummed as he ran a hand through M-21's fur, his eyes already growing heavy. It didn't take him long to drift off.


Wasn't sure if Tao should make a Skippy or Lassie comment. *wry*


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