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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Tao would have closed his eyes to sleep some more, but his nekomata instincts were demanding something else and weren't going to be ignored.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 510
Total word count: 16,970
Status: Work in progress.

Tao exhaled when he opened his eyes, staring up at the ceiling. It wasn't his room — it was too light and there was no hum of technology in the air. But he did recognise that particular patch on the ceiling.

The recovery room. He was aching all over, his throat vibrating with every inhale and exhale, and when he turned his head, he saw Takeo and M-21 sleeping in the beds next to him. They were swathed in bandages, but they weren't hooked up to anything and Tao could hear both of them breathing.

They'd survived another fight then. Good.

Tao would have closed his eyes and slept some more, but his nekomata instincts were demanding something else and weren't going to be ignored. Well, if the only way he was going to get good sleep was to do what they wanted... It wasn't as if he'd have to do much.

He huffed, shaking his head in amusement before he eased himself up. His muscles protested as he used them but he kept going.

"Don't worry," Tao muttered. "Won't be moving for long." He shouldn't, anyway.

His cables slithered out from beneath his skin, winding towards Takeo and M-21. It said how exhausted they were when they didn't even twitch when they were wrapped up in his cables and lifted up. Or how much they trusted him, heh.

It was Takeo who stirred first as Tao pushed their beds together.


"Morn', Takeo!" Tao said, flicking his ears at him, making sure the three beds were flush against each other. Not that he was sure it was morning seeing how there wasn't a clock in the room. There was sunlight coming in from the window though and this was the first time they were waking up today, so calling it morning totally counted. "We're home!"

"Obviously," M-21 grumbled with a snort, testing the stretch of the cables with his cables and then giving up.

Since everything was done, Tao climbed into the now super-sized bed and pulled Takeo and M-21 towards him so their heads rested on his chest, unwrapping them as soon as they safely set down.

Tao curled his arms around them, pinning them in place, and purred harder, his whole chest vibrating.

"...What are you doing?" M-21 asked, lifting a hand to press his fingertips to Tao's chest. "Aside from the obvious," he added before Tao could reply with the easy answer.

"Helping you recover faster!" Tao said as Takeo exhaled, relaxing. Wow, weird — he could still talk even while purring at the same time.

"By purring...?" Takeo said. His voice was softer already, his eyelids drooping.

Tao nodded. "Mmhm!" Apparently cat purrs were at a frequency that enhanced healing. Even when all three of them had fast healing, another boost wouldn't hurt. "So? Feeling better?"

The others didn't answer straight away, their breathing deepening.

"...Mm," Takeo said, and Tao smiled, snuggling them even closer. His instincts were sated now that he was with Takeo and M-21 and helping them, and they all drifted off to sleep.


Prompted by Erokoneko, who requested nekomata!Tao helping the others heal by purring.


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