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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: "How dare you," Frankenstein breathed, coiling tighter around the cage that held Takeo and Tao, the metal making a dull screech as it bent under his strength.
Notes: For Runeofluna, who asked for dragon!Frankenstein or panther!Frankenstein and 'How dare you'. Uh, so I have multiple dragon!Frankensteins. 8'D;
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 587
Total word count: 1,774
Status: Work in progress?

Frankenstein growled, curling his lip to bare his fangs at the Union mages, shaking off whatever magic they'd tried to cast on him like water running off his scales. Dark Spear clambered to be used, already flickering across his scales, and all he had to do was summon them at a word.

"How dare you," he breathed, coiling tighter around the cage that held Takeo and Tao, the metal making a dull screech as it bent under his strength.

Takeo and Tao's voices inside his mind pierced his anger, Dark Spear's howling to be unleashed.

[-ueeze any more we're not gonna have much space left!]

Right. That wouldn't do.

Now that the mages knew their special weapon wouldn't work, the humans scrambled away.

One lunge closed the distance between them, and without their magic, the mages were easy to take care off.

Dark Spear muttered in the space where Takeo and Tao couldn't hear them, disgruntled at not being used. But they hadn't been needed and Frankenstein raised his head, swivelling his ears.

He couldn't hear movement or sense magic that wasn't his own. Even though, he waited to make sure.

When nothing else made itself known, he turned his attention back to the cage. Takeo and Tao were hunched in its centre, the metal bars buckled inwards from where Frankenstein had squeezed.

"You could have called for help," Frankenstein said, flicking one ear as he ripped a few of the bars free, leaving a space large enough for Takeo and Tao to leave.

"Ah..." Takeo said with a weak chuckle. "We...forgot we could."

"We're still getting used to - this-" Tao gestured towards his own head, his claws almost brushing his horns. "-and didn't think we'd be affected by their magic like that? Heh..."

While Tao rubbed the back of his neck, Frankenstein eyed the magic circle inside the cage. It was made specifically to hold those with dragon powers.


To call him out to kill him.

"Well, now you know you can still talk to me even when the rest of your powers is blocked," Frankenstein said. He was about to destroy the circle when Tao stopped him.

"Ah, wait wait!" Tao started looking around the camp, opening bags. "I wanna copy that down."

"Why?" Takeo asked, helping Tao look.

"In case I can figure out a counter sigil or something!"

Aah. Frankenstein nodded, pleased at Tao wanting to do that.

"Just don't get caught in it again," Takeo muttered.

"I won't!" Tao held up a small sheaf of papers and Takeo handed him an ink pot and quill. "And if I do, you or Boss'll get me out, right?

Frankenstein huffed. "I would prefer if you didn't trap yourself in the first place, but of course."

Tao paused, looking up at him. "You weren't affected by the spell — the mages said dragons couldn't touch the bars."

That would explain why the pair hadn't escaped on their own; the bars were no match for their new strength.

"There's a reason for that," Frankenstein said, "but we'll talk about that once we're back home."

Tao hummed, nodding once, and then dove into copying the sigil, Takeo helping him.

While the pair seemed to have Dark Spear's colouring -Tao black and Takeo purple- neither of them had inherited it when they'd contracted with him.

Frankenstein had hoped there wouldn't be a need to tell them about Dark Spear, but if Dark Spear could protect them from the Union harming them...

Well. They would discuss it first.


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