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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: M-21 senses a fight in the city.
Notes: Noble!M-21, everyone else werewolf! verse.
.....Wow, I can't believe this verse is almost three years old now.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 569
Total word count: 974
Status: Complete

M-21 paused on his walk home, the back of his neck prickling. That felt like -

He span around, trying to find the direction, the source. He reached out with his empathy-



Seira and Regis, their auras pressing on him.

Shit, how long had it been, how long had they been fighting?

That didn't matter. What mattered was they were fighting by themselves.

M-21 jumped to the rooftops, sending off a quick message to the others in case they weren't aware of the attack yet.

From his new vantage point, M-21 saw the area of destruction in the distance, buildings carved with slash marks. There were brief flashes there. Good. They were still fighting.

It didn't take him long to reach them but he skidded to a halt, seeing the destruction up close. Wreckage was everywhere, claw marks scoring the ground and cars.

Seira and Regis were in the centre of it all, still transformed, but struggling to stay standing.

Cold fury swept through M-21, seeing their blood dripping from their wounds, feeling their power pulsing in the air. The blood of their opponents as well.

He glowered at the people Seira and Regis had been fighting as he dropped down from the rooftops, drawing on the power of the blood surrounding him.

Before, when he'd first escaped the Union, he could only mind control for a short time if the person was distracted at the time. That had been the extent of the control he had over his powers. Now-

"Kneel," M-21 snarled, drawing on as much power as he could, the energy crackling around him.

The three enemies dropped to their knees. But they were startled for only a second before they pushed against his order.

The ring Frankenstein made for him strained to keep him within the limits set, but M-21 knew he wouldn't be strong enough with it on. He wouldn't be strong enough to protect Seira and Regis.

The ring had been made because he couldn't control his powers, everyone's thoughts flowing into his head, their feelings mingling with his own so much he couldn't tell who he was in a crowded room. Where the only thing stable in him was his anger, what he knew was his and he'd used that to protect himself, protect his thoughts.

That had been then.

He wasn't like that anymore.

It took a thought towards the ring for it to crack and shatter as the enemies struggled back to their feet. Power exploded inside M-21 now that it wasn't being kept from him, but it wasn't overwhelming and terrifying like it had been when Raizel-nim had bitten him.

This time, the power was his to control.

He knew what to do, his skin itching before the pair of blood red wings burst from his back, three times his size, wide enough to reach Seira and Regis by themselves. There wasn't any weight to them, but the wings were an extension of him, so natural it was like slipping on a familiar jacket made specifically for him.

The air still buzzed with blood, begging to be used, and M-21 smirked, striding forward. With each step, more of the enemies' blood surrounded him. Each step pissed them off more and they were about to charge at him already.

All it would take was one touch of their bloodied skin and it would all be over.


For Runeofluna, who requested 'Total control', M-21 and Seira/Regis! If possible noble!M and werewolf!Seira/Regis verse,'


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