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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Tao hummed as he finished putting his nail polish away. That was everything done so - He turned his head towards his door swinging open.
“Heya, M,” Tao said, grinning at the wolf that poked his head through the gap. “What’s up?”
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 641
Total word count: 22,520
Status: Work in progress

Tao hummed as he finished putting his nail polish away. That was everything done so - He turned his head towards his door swinging open.

“Heya, M,” Tao said, grinning at the wolf that poked his head through the gap. “What’s up?”

M-21′s nose was twitching as he stepped into Tao’s room, making a beeline for Tao.

“Are ya hungry?” There wasn’t any food in his room though. Unless he’d left a sandwich in his bag again?

Except M-21 shoved his head towards Tao’s hands. Tao yelped, shooting his hands away from him.

M-21′s eyes widened, his ears flattening as he backed up a step.

Ah, shoot, that would have looked wrong. “I’m fine, M, really,” Tao said, lowering his hands. “It’s just my nails are still wet, so I didn’t... Huh?”

M-21 had taken another step forward, sniffing and then looking up at him.

“You know I paint my...” Tao trailed off when M-21 placed a paw on the table in front of Tao. ...Hmmm. “Do you want me to to paint yer claws?” M-21 didn’t normally want that when he was instinctual, but there was always a first for everything.

M-21 nodded.

Tao beamed and slid his collection in front of M-21′s nose. “What colour?”

M-21 looked at all the bottles in one sweep and then pushed his nose at the black one, toppling it.


Tao lifted M-21′s paw, using his cables to unscrew the bottle. M-21 hadn’t tried to pull his paw away, his ears pricked as Tao painted his claws.

It wouldn’t take him to long to finish.

* * *

M-21 woke up naked on top of Tao. He blinked for a second before sighing, wanting to duck his head, but that would mean burying his face into Tao’s shoulder.

He should start leaving his clothes in the others’ rooms for the full moons.

M-21 frowned, a flash of colour catching his attention. He turned his hand over, seeing the flakes of nail polish on his fingernails. Around where his hand rested were the rest of the black nail polish. There was too much to have fitted on his nails. But wolf claws...

“Tao...” M-21 groaned, grimacing.

“Huh-? What’d I do?” Tao lifted a hand and patted M-21′s head before he realised what he was doing, freezing. “Ahah, habit.”

“I know.” There wasn’t much he could do about that, since his instinctual self seemed more physically needy than he was. "This was what I was talking about," he said, showing Tao his nails.

Tao's eyes widened. "Aww, they broke off?"

Of course that was what Tao was more interested in.

"And you'd asked," Tao said, one corner of his mouth quirking up. "Put your paw in front of my and everything, because you saw - ack!"

Tao had raised his own hand and stared at his nails in dismay. "I guess they weren't as dry as I thought." The nail polish was smudged and there were scratches etched across the surface.

M-21 blew the hair away from his face as he sat up. He frowned at the remains of polish on his own nails before he sighed again. "Do you want to put them on again?" It was going to bother him if his nails were only half-covered. "I'll paint yours." It was only fair, seeing how it was probably his fur that had messed up Tao's nails.

Tao brightened. "Sure!" Then he laughed, patting M-21 on the shoulder. "But do you wanna put some clothes on first, unless you wanna wrap yourself up with my blanket?"

"Clothes first," M-21 with a snort. Tao's room was the warmest out of the three of them, but he'd still prefer to wear something.

"Coming right up!" Grinning, Tao left his room and M-21 went over to Tao's collection of bottles to pick out what they would need.


Written for otpprompting's 'Person A is cursed into the form of a vicious, terrifying monster with hair and claws. Person B cheers them up by painting their claws with some nail polish. Person A later becomes human again and is sad that their nail are no longer painted, so B paints them again and they do each other's nails.'
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