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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Cool down after a spar.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 330
Total word count: 16,187
Status: Work in progress

M-21 panted, the last dregs of his strength leaving him and he let go of his transformation. Only Kentas' hand pinning him to the tree kept him upright.

Kentas grinned as he lowered M-21 to the ground, letting go of his own transformation. M-21 worked on getting air back into his lungs, the sweat trickling down his skin, plastering his hair to his head.

"That's the longest spar we've had yet!" Kentas said as he sat down next to M-21.

"It...was?" M-21 wheezed. Every part of him was complaining after everything they'd just done, but he could feel his regeneration working to fix it already, faster than it had done a few months ago.

"Mmhm! By a couple minutes. There were a few times where you nearly got me," Kentas said, chuckling, and M-21 let his voice wash over him as Kentas started describing them, closing his eyes. He already knew where he'd almost won, and his body was demanding rest now — it had become a habit for them to nap after a spar before returning now, both of them spent afterwards.

M-21 had almost drifted off to sleep when he felt Kentas' fingers touch his hair. Must have been a branch that had gotten caught there, but then Kentas' fingers didn't stop, continuing to run through in small strokes.

M-21 frowned. "What're you doing?"

"Running my fingers through your hair."

M-21 snorted at the straightforward answer. "But my hair's sweaty." He wrinkled his nose at the thought. He'd already cooled a little, but that just made him more aware of his slick skin.

"Exactly." Kentas leaned over to take in a deep breath. "You smell more like yourself after a spar."

"...Oh." Right. Kentas liked his scent. "Not what I was talking about." But that wasn't going to stop Kentas.

Kentas' fingers hadn't stopped moving, seeming like he was trying to put all of M-21's back in place and...okay. M-21 could wait a few more minutes before getting up.


Felt the need for hair brushing fic, heh.


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