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Fandom: Birdmen
Summary: Irene returns.
Notes: I've read up to chapter 40 and just wanted to write this, heh.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 1,244
Status: Complete

Irene cut through the air, the wind whistling past. In some ways flying still didn't feel natural to her — she was used to something solid under her hands and feet. Falling was different, the way her stomach was dragged up to her chest as she saw the ground getting closer with each second. Flying, relying on limbs she hadn't had a few months before... She knew her wings were strong, knew every time they kept her up in the air with every beat, but there was also one part of her that was suspicious, waiting for that one moment where it wouldn't work and she'd fall higher than she ever had before.

But that hadn't happened yet and Irene closed her eyes, heading for the closest signal she felt. She could pinpoint the others, one of them feeling different from before, pulsing with more power, equal to the others now, and there was one missing. She could guess who those two were.

There were a few lights on when Irene arrived at the shrine and she dropped down, looking around. This was where she'd woken up the first time she'd became a seraph, she was sure of it. It looked different under moonlight, dark shadows covering everything, but that was better for her.

Sneaking in was easy, especially with her wings, and she wrapped them around her as she paused to listen. There were a few creaks from the other side of the building, where the other seraph was. Kamoda? She'd been overwhelmed with voices swarming in her head at the time but she was fairly sure that's what the other boy was called.

She hadn't had the chance to look around before and she took her time as she headed for Kamoda. High ceilings, though thinner corridors than most Eden buildings. The air was fresh, where air was allowed to blow in. It was different from the China farm and she relaxed with every step.

She hadn't minded the other seraphim in the China farm, but they weren't like her, had never been a modified human constantly compared to the seraphim favourites. It was the same for the seraphim here, but the airlog felt different here. More comfortable rather than feeling like she didn't quite fit there.

Irene had thought it was because she was a modified human that she felt apart from the seraphim, but coming back to Japan, it had to be something else.

Coming back to Japan and feeling the airlog the seraphim had here felt like returning home.

Kamoda didn't notice her until she was nearly at the room he was in.

[Huh? Who're-] There was a quick poke in her direction.

[Nice welcome,] Irene replied wryly, giving a small push of her own.

Excitement flooded the airlog and Irene was bundled up into a warm mental hug before she could react, the airlog packed with chatter she couldn't keep track of. It was all Kamoda, his thoughts swerving in multiple different directions before she had even finished hearing one.

[Stay there!] A second's pause. [Come here! I'll be back in a sec!] As soon as he said that, he dashed away.

Huh. There was nothing else on the airlog after that and Irene shrugged, her claws clicking against the floor as she went over to the room.

It looked like a bedroom, a bed shoved under the window, drawers and cupboards lining almost all of the walls, and a couple of posters and clothing hanging off the space that was left.

Irene walked over to the bed and flopped back onto it, her wings moving out the way. She tucked her legs up, eyeing the window. She shouldn't be seen from that angle, but she could never be too sure about that.

Excitement burst over the airlog again, Kamoda getting what he'd wanted and Irene sensed him coming closer again.

The door opened, Kamoda with a large grin spread over his face. The smile faltered for a second, his eyes widening when he saw her. There were two cats dangling under Kamoda's arms, one striped and the other white with black splotches. They seemed to be content being held like that, but as soon as they saw her they perked up, wriggling out of Kamoda's arms.

"Ah - hey!" Kamoda cried out, his face falling as he chased after them. "I wanted to introduce you!"

The cats ran to her, hopping up onto the bed, the black and white one heading straight for her shoulders. The striped one stopped at her lap, rolling over there and wriggling. Once the black and white one was on her shoulders, it nuzzled her cheek, purring.

"Hey," she said softly, responding back with a soft purr as she petted them both. She still missed Bolt, and the pair were nowhere near big enough to sleep against like she used to, Bolt's purrs reverberating through her entire body, but this would be enough for now.

When Irene looked up again, Kamoda was gone. Finding something else? He was still close so Irene unfolded a wing, dangling a feather above the striped cat's head. They played like that while they waited, the cats chasing her wings and when they pounced, their claws were kept in.

Kamoda came back a couple of minutes later, a plate laden with food. "You didn't get to eat last time!" Kamoda declared, closing his door with a foot. "It's only leftovers, but you have to be hungry."

There was no question about where she'd been, why or how she'd come back now, Kamoda seemingly focused on the fact that she had to be hungry. Which she was, pangs clutching her stomach as she stared at the food, but the scientists at Eden would have questioned her first before letting her eat.

"This isn't for you," Kamoda scolded lightly as the cats started meowing at him when he put the plate down.

"It isn't?" Irene looked at all the food and then at the cats. There was more than enough for all of them.

Kamoda nodded, picking up the striped cat as it headed for the plate. "They've already eaten tonight, so don't give in to them!" He stroked the cat as the cat settled back into his arms. "This one's Kuu, and you've got Nehan."

Irene repeated the names to herself as she leaned forward to swipe the food, Nehan adjusting to stay balanced on her shoulders.

The food was good, and she hummed as she ate, feeling fuller by the second. It wasn't good enough to distract her from sensing others approaching and she tilted her head back in the direction they were coming from. There were three, which wasn't that surprising.

[So you finally came back,] came over the airlog and she heard the relief hidden there. She recognised that/i> voice.

[Yeah!] She smirked, taking another bite. That was the good thing about the airlog: they could still talk while eating. [You were causing a ruckus where I was — everyone wanted to know who you were and who you were trying to talk to.]


The messages had kept coming every week, so Takayama must not have returned even after that. If she'd heard his voice in China, where did Takayama have to be to not hear that?

[W-well, we'll be there soon.]

Irene nodded as Kamoda sent back, [I've got food!]

While she waited, Irene was going to eat as much as she could and bask in their comforting energies.


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