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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Ignes recognises the weapon Frankenstein wields. She isn't impressed.
Notes: Ignes backstory AU.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 655
Status: Complete

Ignes blinked at the human standing across from her. More powerful than the usual sort the Union churned out, able to hide his aura enough that she would have lost her arm if she hadn't side stepped.

That wasn't the most interesting thing about him.

It was the purple and black weapon in his hand, its form flickering with flames. Up the human's arm that same purple and black crept up, coating it in a thin cover. From the shape, it looked like a dual headed spear, but the heads were far larger than usual. Now why did that look familiar…?

The human saw where her attention was and smirked. "I see you're interested in my lo-"

"Oh!" Ignes said, brightening. "So that's where that old thing went."

The human raised an eyebrow at her. "'That thing'?"

Ignes waved a hand in dismissal, smiling as she relaxed. "That thing was stolen from the Union a couple hundred years before I joined. A bit of a pity since I would have liked to study the prototype they'd created, but they did keep their notes."

She raked her eyes over the 'Dark Spear's form it created over the human's body. "The way your one looks, it must have been a few thousand human lives that went into it?" There were claws at the end of his fingers, but that seemed to be the extent of it. "How cute."

The human drew himself up straight, his aura darkening area around him. "The sacrifice of human lives isn't cute."

Ignes shook her head, sighing. "Oh, that wasn't why I said it was cute. It's cute because there was only a few thousand human lives used to make that.

"That thing was made from old data," Ignes continued, feeling the heavier weight as the human pressed his aura on her, attempting to intimidate her. She ignored the irritating feeling. "I found the notes and improved them."

That seemed to make the human pause, though his aura didn't falter. Hm. How interesting. What data would she get from him when she had him restrained on a table?

She didn't need more information about 'Dark Spear', since she'd already surpassed the limitations of what that thing could go to centuries ago, but it would be interesting to find out how it had affected the human.

"Hah. Someone from the Union, able to improve something?" The human snorted. "Unlikely."

"Want to see?"

Ignes raised her hand to the sky, dark clouds forming above her head and her skin tingled as power collected in the air. It poured into her as the sky cracked.

Her weapon's form was solid, unlike the human's. Her preferred shape for it was a whip, but she did sometimes wielding a sword, one like the Lord's. Her weapon looked like the Cetus her father wielded, but the other souls packed into it made it into something else. Like the thorns that ran down the length of the thong, how it split at the end, each tip ending with a spike.

The form it made when it covered her was more armoured, scales running over every surface, snakes encircling her neck and wrists.

"My weapon has several hundred thousand souls in it," Ignes said, smiling. "As I'm sure you can tell the difference."

There was a murmur in Ignes' ears after her weapon had settled. They were reacting to the presence of the Dark Spear, and she smiled, her heart pumping in anticipation of collecting more data. "My weapon is eager to meet yours. It met Cetus for a short while but, ah," she said, sighing, "it doesn't like playing with others. They swallowed up all of the noble souls in it, adding them to their own power."

The fight wouldn't take long, and she would have so much fun seeing what new data this human would bring.

"Now then," Ignes said, smiling, "shall we compare your weapon with mine?"


Because I would have preferred having an antagonist who's actually competent rather than another one who ends up losing their composure over a few simple words. An antagonist that's a challenge and you don't know who's going to win against them.


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