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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Kentas returns after a trip.
Contains: M-21/Kentas
Notes: Wasn’t quite sure if this is a future bit of Adapt or a difference verse, but for the moment I’ll stick it in with Adapt.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 591
Status: Complete

M-21 was a light sleeper. He'd had to be in the Union, always ready in case he was attacked while he was asleep, in case a scientist caught him off guard. It was a habit that stayed with him even after he'd been taken into Frankenstein's house, and one he didn't have much intention to break. It was useful. It could save his life.

So when he was startled awake one night, M-21 lay there, straining his ears for where the attacker was coming from.

Outside. Outside his win-

'Tap tap.'

M-21 sighed, rolling out of his bed. He was used to sleeping lightly, and over the last couple of months, he'd also gotten used to Kentas dropping in at any time of the day to visit him. Literally.

"You'd better be wearing the bracelet Tao made," he grumbled as he left his room and headed for the balcony. Kentas flashed his wrist, showing the black band, and grinned before jumping away. Good. Kentas had been sending Tao's security into fits every time he visited until Tao had made him something that made the security read him as friendly.

Tao didn't stick his head out his bedroom as M-21 passed but he was sure Tao would have known Kentas was there.

Though Tao might had fallen asleep at his computer again — it was late enough for that.

Kentas was already standing on the balcony when M-21 reached it, and M-21 opened the doors, eyeing the bulge around Kentas' chest. His cloak covered whatever he was carrying, but M-21 already knew what it was, smelling something green and earthy. His sense of smell wasn't so good to be able to identify whatever it was, but then, he wasn't sure where Kentas picked them up aside from 'I was travelling and found this!'

Kentas grinned at him and pulled him into a hug, nuzzling his cheek. "Hey," he said.

M-21 hugged him back once he found where the parting in the cloak was. "Hey." Kentas smelled of forests and mountains, and there was sometimes a part of M-21 that wanted to go with him to wherever he went. See what Kentas did. But that meant leaving the others and if they needed him when he was gone... He couldn't do that.

Kentas didn't seem irritated that M-21 didn't go with him, not pushing him, and it did mean that when Kentas eventually came back, he brought M-21 something with him.

Kentas unveiled the gift once they were back in M-21's room.

It was a handful of yellow flowers a little smaller than his palm. They looked almost like roses, but their petals were folded up more, keeping a rounder shape. This time, the pot Kentas had put the plant in was a green one with thin white stripes. M-21 wasn't sure where Kentas kept getting the pots, but he suspected Tao.

"Thanks," M-21 said as he took the plant from Kentas, setting it next to the other plants on his windowsill. He was starting to get a jungle there, a couple of them starting to creep up the window, and M-21 was pretty sure he was going to have to start looking up how to look after plants properly because the leaves on some of them had started turning yellow and he didn't want them dying on him.

"So," M-21 said, smirking at him, "you staying tonight?"

"Yeah." Kentas chuckled, wrapping his arms around him again. "I've missed you."

M-21 lay his chin on Kentas' shoulder, closing his eyes. "Me too," he murmured.


"All trollius species are poisonous to cattle and other livestock when fresh, but their acrid taste means they are usually left uneaten."
*Kentas sees this flower* 'Perfect gift for M-21!'


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