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This should hopefully be a complete list of all the stuff I've written over the years.


(Nana, Cooro, Husky | 1,180 words | G)
Nana wants to see Cooro’s smile again.

See With my Own Eyes
(Blanca, Cooro | 5,801 words | PG-13)
Blanca had been inside the still room for so long, where there had been nothing but darkness until Aaron, and eventually Fly, had come, and it used to be enough. But it wasn’t now, not when she knew it was just a part of what was outside the room, what she could possibly see for herself.

1/2 Prince

All That Glitters
(Kenshin, Lan | 467 words | G)
Kenshin could see something glittering out the corner of his eye. "The ocean..."

(Arctic Fox, Kenshin | 366 words | G)
Arctic Fox assesses his new opponent.

(Lan | 535 words | G)
Lan couldn't get to sleep.

(Tian Lang | 648 words | G)
Playing as a priest wasn't easy.

(Jing, Yun Fei, Kenshin | 1,294 words | G)
Jing and Yun try to fill their shop with books.

Boss Tactics
(Lan | 603 words | PG)
Fighting a boss is hard enough as it is, but this one is a little more tricky.

(Kenshin, Sunshine | 4,280 words | PG-13)
Kenshin didn't notice the little changes. But how could he?

(Lan, Kenshin, Arctic Fox | 158 words | G)
Kenshin and Arctic Fox were having a conversation. Lan just didn't know what about.

(Gui Wen | 663 words | PG)
The first time Gui Wen died, he had been level four.

(Kenshin | 416 words | G)
The elf had fallen over the edge of the cliff. He was fairly sure he knew what to do.

(Fire Phoenix, Meatbun | 323 words | G)
Fire Phoenix, Meatbun, and flight.

Fulfilling a Wish
(Fairsky/Sunshine | 4,102 words | PG-13)
A young woman named Fairsky searches for a magical land, following the rumours in the hope that it will fulfil her wish.

(Lan, Gui Wen | 382 words | PG)
There was an upcoming coursework Lan was supposed to hand in soon but she was so unbelievably stuck, she didn't have any sort of idea on where to begin.

(Shui Han/Yang Ming | 483 words | PG)
Lolidragon and honour.

Job Expectations
(Arctic Fox, Kenshin | 268 words | G)
Arctic Fox asks Kenshin what being a bodyguard implies.

Late Nights
(Lan/Gui Wen | 5,623 words | PG-13)
There's an approaching hand-in deadline, and Lan didn't know just what would happen because of it.

(Doll | 385 words | G)
Doll was trying to learn a new attack.

Level Up
(Kenshin | 747 words | PG-13)
Level up. Kenshin had heard the term before but he didn't understand it.

Never. Again
(Lan, Yang Ming | 530 words | PG)
Where was Lan during those three days?

(Sunshine/Fairsky | 505 words | G)
Sunshine thought he knew what being self-aware meant. He thought that was all there was to it.

Normal Sight
(Kenshin, Arctic Fox | 291 words | G)
After a spar, Arctic Fox and Kenshin spot a strange sight.

Off Period
(Kenshin, Meatbun | 1,782 words | PG)
Prince logs off.

(Yang Ming, Lan | 270 words | G)
Yang Ming could hear humming from outside his door.

(Sunshine | 729 words | G)
Something tapped Sunshine's foot. When he looked down, he saw a small, round vial, filled with red liquid.

(Gui Wen | 426 words | G)
"My students are rocks."

(Ling Bin, Min-Bin | 544 words G)
It was already a pretty bad day, Ling Bin thought, but then someone had to ask Min-Bin a question.

(Kenshin | 323 words | PG)
"Moron! You said you couldn't be defeated. What's the point in keeping a useless person like you?" Kenshin didn't think; he just reacted.

(Lan, Kenshin | 552 words | G)
"Just wear my beginner's clothes! I still have them."

(Kenshin, Lan, Sunshine | 14,557 words | PG-13)
It didn't matter what had gone wrong, because there was a much bigger question to ask: what happens when a self-aware NPC dies?

Second First Meetings
(Gui Wen, Tian Lang | 5,755 words | PG)
"Min Gui Wen, this is our health clinic's physician, Li Tian Lang."

(Lan, Yulian | 626 words | G)
Lan didn't think about what would happen after the tour.

(Arctic Fox | 1,173 words | PG-13)
Arctic Fox is searching in the woods.

Status Effect
(Lan, Gui Wen | 1,189 words | PG)
As Lan approached Gui, she could see the small sheen of sweat that was collecting on his brow and upper lip. Something wasn't right.

Step by Little Step
(Shui Han, Sunshine, Kenshin | 4,895 words | PG-13)
Lolidragon gets to know Kenshin and Sunshine.

(Kenshin, Sunshine | 391 words | PG-13/R)
It normally wasn't a problem when Prince logged off, leaving Kenshin and Sunshine alone; it was when Infinite City Band logged off, leaving Kenshin and Sunshine alone in Sun City. After a concert. The mobs are closing…

(Sunshine, Yang Ming | 523 words | G)
Heartless Wind seemed happy, Sunshine noted. That was a little different.

(Arctic Fox, Kenshin, Lan | 1,031 words | G)
Second Life's developers and programmers obviously had waaay too much fun thinking up things to make the game more…interesting.

(Arctic Fox/Kenshin | 2,191 words | G)
Arctic Fox notices that Kenshin spends a lot of time with a white-haired mage. He isn't jealous. Really.

(Lan | 1,317 words | PG)
Second Life gets a small upgrade. It doesn't go exactly to plan.

1/2 Prince/ .hack

(Lan | 515 words | PG)
After meeting Kenshin, Lan does a bit of research.

1/2 Prince/ The Legend of Sun Knight

(Lan, Grisia | 224 words | G)
Lan's not sure quite what to make of the new player that interrupted their training.

1/2 Prince/Searching

New Game
(Lan, Marland, Shodin | 320 words | PG-13)
Lan meets some new players.


Connect the Dots
(Yu-hwa, Park | 297 words | G)
Yu-hwa and Park start making connections.


(Rachel | 422 words | PG-13)
The world burned.


Elixir of Kings
(Arago, M-21, Tao | 512 words | PG-13)
There was someone else with Aris when she went to South Korea…

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

(Darc, Windalf | 591 words | G)
"Father, why don't I look like you?"

Blood of a Deimos
(Kharg | 738 words | PG-13)
"Don't come near me!"

Assassin's Creed

(Desmond | 407 words | PG)
Desmond suffering from the bleeding effect is normal. What happens after? Not so much.

(Desmond, Rebecca, Shaun | 720 words | PG-13)
There's something…wrong when Desmond finishes one of subject sixteen's puzzles.

Notes Left Behind
(Desmond, Ezio | 1,441 words | PG-13)
Desmond finds a note next to him when he wakes up; he's a little disturbed when he recognises the handwriting as Ezio's…

Paying the Price
(Desmond, Ezio, Leonardo, Shaun | 1,887/4,524 words | PG)
The bleeding effect takes its toll.

(Desmond, Shaun | 1,068 words | PG-13)
Shaun comes up with a rather simple, but brilliant, idea to help Desmond keep his sense of self: have Desmond relive his own memories.

(Desmond/Ezio/Altaïr | 2,510 words | PG-13)
Desmond is losing his mind; he's pretty okay with that.

(Desmond/Shaun | 1,248 words | PG-13)
Ezio has been poisoned – the effects are not what he expected them to be…

Assassin's Creed/Prototype

(Desmond, Alex | 1,282 words | PG-13)
As if being trapped in a quarantined city just after arriving wasn't bad enough, it turns out the Assassin safe house isn't Alex-proof…

(Desmond, Alex | 283 words)
The Network's usual chatter.

(Desmond, Alex | 313 words | PG-13)
Desmond suffers from another bleeding effect episode but it doesn't quite end how he expected it to.

Unexpected Reunion
(Desmond, Alex | 699 words | PG-13)
Desmond decides to do a bit of exploring of Manhattan and stumbles across an unexpectedly familiar face.

Virus in the Machine
(Desmond, Alex | 11,721 words | PG-13)
The Animus is malfunctioning, and Desmond is developing a cold. Then his week gets a whole lot weirder. Pretty typical, really.
(Alex, Desmond, Bill, Shaun, Rebecca | 1,735 words | PG-13)
Alex is two steps away from the norm.

Virus in the Machine Extra
(Alex, Desmond | 668 words | PG)
Desmond and Alex find out about a potential new virus being developed. Alex isn't happy with Desmond's idea of how to get in.

(Desmond, Alex | 2,078 words | PG-13)
Desmond's jump in Brazil didn't go as planned.

Assassin's Creed/Skyrim

Reasonable Assumption
(Desmond, Shaun | 565 words | PG-13)
When Desmond loads into the Animus, he finds out about another conspiracy of the century.


(Jake | 549 words | G)
Jake used to have dreams of flying.

Ayatsuri Sakon

(Sakon, Ukon | 725 words | PG-13)
Some things just never change.

Quiet Days
(Sakon | 1,151 words | G)
The days without Ukon were quiet.

Bartender/ Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

(Sasakura, Dante | 554 words | PG-13)
Sasakura greets a new customer.

Bartender/ Jing: King of Bandits

(Sasakura(Jing) | 1,776 words | G)
A lot of people wondered how Sasakura had gotten so good at a young age.


Kai's Bad Day
(Kai | 21,252 words | PG-13)
Kai's day starts off bad. Then he finds out what Mary Sues really exist. How does he find out? Through... experience. If that wasn't bad enough, there are other effects that Mary Sues can do to warp reality. What's a blader to do? ...Use a Spork?

Of Different Worlds
(Kai | 59,796 words | PG-13)
What could have happened if Kai hadn't lost to Tyson on Baikal Lake? After a little accident Kai finds himself in a, let's say, different world. This is all a joke... Right?

(Kai | 755 words | G)
The universes of Of Different Worlds and Kai's Bad Day collide.

OC series
The Experiment
(Charlie | 19,055 words | PG)
A boy is exploring the city of his new home when he's kidnapped. Knowing this, there's another surprise for him.

The Hidden
(Charlie | 31,397 words | G)
Sequel to The Experiment. So Charlie's finally out of 'The Modern Castle' but has he truly escaped from him? And who was that girl who helped to free him?

Beyblade/ Harry Potter

Welcome to the UK
(Kai | 14,673 words | PG)
After arriving in the UK to promote beyblading, the Bladebreakers are kidnapped by men in black robes wanting the power of their bitbeasts. Kai isn't too pleased. Then the other people that he meets just. Aren't. Normal.


(Eishi, Sou | 280 words | G)
Eishi stared at the sink, at the ink that was staining the white porcelain. Because. Because that couldn’t be his blood.

(Sou | 404 words | G)
Sou hears the others for the first time.

Bleach/ Danny Phantom

Crossing Over is Never Easy
(Ichigo, Danny | 20,043 words | PG)
Danny Fenton's life hasn't exactly been easy for the last few months. And now a shinigami has come through the Fenton Portal. ... What?

Bleach/ Jackie Chan Adventures

A Normal Day
(Ichigo | 2,303 words | PG)
The Kurosaki family are on holiday in America. Ichigo thought that it would be a quiet one. Well, it was, save for a few incidents.

Bleach/ Kingdom Hearts

(Ichigo, Sora | 327 words | G)
Something is a little off...


What am I?
(Django | 100 words | G)
Django's thoughts after meeting his father for a second time when he goes back to San Miguel.

Brave (2012)

And so the Story Goes
(The Witch | 335 words | G)
You are a Witch, they told me.

Bungo Stray Dogs

(Atsushi, Dazai | 2,797 words | PG-13)
All Atsushi wanted was to pet a cat.

(Atsushi, Dazai | 381 words | G)
Atsushi is still getting used to waking up with a roof over his head. That's not the only thing he has to get used to.


Stay Your Hand
(Sakura, Aoi | 451 words | PG)
Sakura thinks on the first night.

Danny Phantom

(Box Ghost | 100 words | PG)
"And this is the Fenton Thermos. Designed to capture ghosts. It doesn't work yet, so you can use it as a regular thermos. Any questions?" Maybe not the best idea in the world...

(Maddie | 100 words | G)
"It converts a ghost's natural ecto energy into a constantly replenishing fuel source." "Does it hurt the ghost? " "Oh, Jazz. You know your father and I don't care about that." They weren't being unkind. They were protecting themselves.

Dressing Up
(Sam | 100 words | G)
"I've got to do something to get him to listen to me. But how do I get through the thick head of a fourteen year old boy? … Ah, darn it." Sam’s thoughts after she had dressed up.

The Easy Job
(Grim Reaper | 511 words | PG)
Why weren't ghosts being sent to heaven or hell?

Detective Academy Q

(Ryu, Kyu | 682 words | G)
Kyu and Ryu are in disguise.

Dragon Age

Letter Exchange
(Fenris/Hawke | 676 words | G)
Fenris and Marian exchange letters.

DRAMAtical Murder

Wake Up
(Aoba/Clear | 360 words | G)
Aoba wakes up to singing.

Doctor Who

High and Low
(Rose, Donna, Tenth Doctor | 668 words | G)
She'd searched for him for months. And now, she'd found him.

(Rory, Amy | 653 words | R)
Amy and Rory go in search of a double bed.

Double Arts

(Elraine | 388 words | G)
Many Sisters stopped doing their hobbies after a while. What had Elle given up on?

(Elraine | 179 words | G)
Elle knew she was a restless sleeper.

The Continuing Record
(Elraine, Kiri, Sui, Fallan | 6,008 words | PG-13
The record continues.

Final Fantasy XII

Standing Guard
(Ranrick | 210 words | G)
Why didn't the other guards chase Vaan in the palace?

Fullmetal Alchemist/Hikaru no Go

No Such Things as Ghosts
(Breda | 484 words | PG)
Breda is clearing his room before moving to Central

Fullmetal Alchemist/Naruto

Fullmetal Ninja
(Ed, Al | 30,338 words | PG-13)
Ed and Al tried to resurrect their Mother but something went wrong. Not only did they fail, their bodies paying the price, but they are no longer in Amestris. They are in a world where all the natural rules aren't always obeyed...
Fullmetal Ninja extra scenes
(Ed | 604 words | PG-13)
It had to be lying.
(Naruto, Iruka | 674 words | PG-13)
Naruto couldn't sleep.
(Gatebaby | 536 words | G)
Well, they'd realise the real truth eventually.
(Ed, Iruka | 782 words | PG)
It was too hot.
Language Barrier
(Ed, Naruto | 637 words | PG)
Naruto after the Valley of the End.
Necrotizing Fasciitis
(Ed, Al | 574 words | PG-13)
Ed was scratching his bandages. Again.

Ghost Trick

(Yomiel | 1,128 words | R)
Yomiel couldn't feel anything.

Golden Sun

I'll be Waiting
(Jenna, Isaac | 772 words | G)
After her parents and Felix had died, Isaac was the one who had been there for her. He had understood what it was like, to lose someone.

(Iodem | 300 words | G)
After finding out about psynergy, Iodem muses.

The Path from the Past
(Isaac, Garet, Jenna, Felix, Ivan | 6,564 words | G)
Those who forget the past are doomed to make the same mistakes. Those who know the past are doomed to make new ones. Too bad they don't know that they're part of the past.

Through New Eyes
(Alex | 2,467 words | G)
Maybe the ending of The Lost Age didn't happen as we saw it. Alex's memories have been stripped from him, his appearance modified and he's on a completely different world that doesn't use Psynergy. He wants to find out who he is and where he came from but if he does, will he like what he sees?

Golden Sun: The Lost Age/ Boktai

An Age Old Problem
(Django, Piers, Ivan, Mia, Isaac, Jenna, Felix, Sheba, Garet | 15,888 words | G)
There have been strange happenings in Weyard. New monsters are appearing, people are seeing the dead walk, earthquakes. Then that boy appears. He says he's from a place called San Miguel (where in Weyard is that?) and he seems to be using... different Psynergy from what everyone else is using.

Golden Sun/ X-Men: Evolution

Golden Evolution
(Isaac, Xavier | 8,017 words | G)
Now that the Adepts have saved Weyard, their powers have continued to grow. They need help but who can teach them how to control their power? Professer Xavier can try but he needs to get them into a blue shiny bird first.

Hand x Red

(Jim | 100 words | G)
"Tell Rachel I'm taking a one-hundred year nap so I can work on my sleep study."

Sleep v.2
(Jim | 558 words | G)
"Tell Rachel I'm taking a one-hundred year nap so I can work on my sleep study."

Hand x Red/ xxxHolic

A Wish
(Jim, Yuuko | 641 words | G)
Jim wakes up in a place where someone might be able to give him his wish. For a price.

Harry Potter

A Working Day
(Claire, Remus | 4,553 words | G)
Everyone knows that Remus has a ‘monthly problem’. There’s a problem when this can be… misinterpreted as something else. As well as Remus’ other quirks.

Harry Potter/Death Note

The Black Book
(Harry | 681 words | G)
What if Ryuk had visited the human world before being bound to Light? The one who picked up his Death Note that time? Harry Potter.

How to Train Your Dragon

Left Behind
(Hiccup, Toothless | 686 words | G)
"Ah…" Hiccup rubbed the back of the head. "Sorry, buddy, but I think you should stay here."

(Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless | 1,673 words | G)
Astrid sat on a large boulder by the pool while Hiccup and Toothless attempted to relearn how to fly again.

(Stoick, Toothless | 1,391 words | G)
After they had made sure that Hiccup wasn't going to die from shock or from bloodloss, Toothless never willingly left Hiccup's side.

Jing: King of Bandits/ Yuu Yuu Hakusho/ Golden Sun

Stealing the Stars
(Jing, Kir, Kurama | 2,769 words | G)
Jing and Kir are off on their usual adventures, stealing a Star. Unfortunately, there's someone else on the prowl and there's more than just the one Star in his group's sight.


(Sebastian, Ciel | 100 words | G)
Ciel knew exactly what he was doing when the bear attacked.

Legacy of Kain

(Kain, Raziel | 1,182 words | G)
There are a few things Kain has to get used to.

Legend of Sun Knight

A Small Complaint
(Sun, Judgement | 1,987 words | PG-13)
Sun complains; the result isn't what he expected, and definitely isn't what he wanted!

(Sun | 194 words | G)
Sun was never alone.

(Earth, Sun | 520 words | PG)
Earth just wants to finish a conversation with a priestess.

(Storm, Sun | 339 words | G)
Storm just wants to go to his room and begin getting through the paperwork.

(Adair, Storm | 287 words | G)
Adair knocked on Storm's door, a new jar of his hair dye in his hands.

Busy Knight
(Sun, Leaf, Judgement | 1,719 words | PG-13)
Sun was not leaving his bedroom. ... Not without a fight anyway.

(Judgement | 207 words | PG-13)
Judgement does his job.

(Roland | 183 words | G)
The world was cold now.

(Judgement, Sun | 565 words | G)
Nearly everything about Sun was contradictory, Judgement knew.

(Storm, Sun | 514 words | G)
Storm's in trouble.

(Judgement | 224 words | G)
Judgement and darkness.

(Sun | 706 words | PG-13)
Sun gets dirty. This is not good.

(Sun, Judgement | 619 words | G)
Sun just wants to be able to talk normally.

(Sun, Judgement | 587 words | PG-13)
Sun had to drink again.

Easy Cleaning
(Roland | 148 words | G)
Roland's task is to clean Pink's house. Simple.

(Ice, Judgement | 626 words | G)
Fras was pretty sure he didn't sign up for this.

(Pink, Sun | 415 words | G)
Pink wasn't too sure about this one.

Face Revealed
(Tyler, Roland | 315 words | G)
Tyler had never seen his Captain's face.

Fairy Tale
(Earth, Sun | 1,016 words | PG-13)
A long, long time ago, there was a young handsome Prince named Georgo.

(Ice/Leaf | 232 words | G)
Ice had begun to find gifts in his room.

(Ice, Judgement | 284 words | G)
Ice could see Judgement was under some stress, so he decided to help.

Helping Hand
(Storm, Judgement | 302 words | PG)
Storm bumps into Judgement.

(Storm, Leaf | 413 words | G)
Sun's ill, which means someone has to do his paperwork.

Last Goodbye
(Roland | 224 words | G)
Roland has one last destination in mind once the future Twelve holy Knights had been announced.

(Roland | 446 words | G)
Roland sneaks out.

(Sun, Judgement | 337 words | PG-13)
Grisia lightens his skin as usual.

(Ice | 212 words | G)
Ice first thing in the morning.

(Sun | 486 words | G)
Sun is on another mission. He's doubtful that it'll work.

(Colkin | 639 words | G)
The bets are made.

Morning Routine
(Adair, Ice | 240 words | G)
Adair and Ice have an interesting, but relatively easy, relationship together.

Morning Wake-up
(Earth, Storm | 442 words | PG-13)
Earth sneaks into Storm's room to shove his paperwork there, but stops when he finds a woman sleeping in Storm's bed. A woman with blue hair and looking strangely familiar…

One Dance
(Storm, Earth | 339 words | G)
The Holy Knights are at a ceremony; Storm has to choose between sitting out the dance and winking at all the women in the hall, or dance with one of his fellow knights. Unfortunately, the only one available is Earth…

(Storm/Leaf | 658 words | G)
Storm needs help that only Leaf can provide.

(Sun | 464 words | G)
Privacy was something the Knights never really had.

Promise Me
(Storm, Leaf | 204 words | G)
Storm wants Leaf to promise him something.

(Storm | 559 words | G)
For freedom!

(Storm, Adair | 410 words | G)
Storm goes out drinking.

Research and Evidence
(Storm | 1,586 words | R/NC-17)
Storm researches.

(Sun | 663 words | PG-13)
Sun needs to climb a cliff.

(Sun | 196 words | PG)
Sun is chasing after something.

(Ice, Sun | 462 words | G)
Ecilan gets used to his character.

(Storm/Leaf | 1,191 words | PG)
Storm's troubled by something; Leaf asks him what's wrong.

(Sun, Storm | 357 words | PG-13)
Grisia is checking out the deliveries.

(Sun | 170 words | G)
What's wrong with learning a spell? ...or three.

(Sun | 480 words | PG)
Sun needs to get into the kitchens.

(Sun, Fire | 200 words | G)
Sun hated the summer.

(Sun, Judgement | 240 words | PG-13)
Sun fights with his opponent.

Tea for Two
(Leaf, Storm | 329 words | G)
Leaf brings Storm some tea.

(Sun, Judgement | 389 words | G)
In a fight between Grisia and a dog, who would win? ...Stupid question.

(Dragon's Sacred Brigandine, Sun | 339 words | G)
Dragon's Sacred Brigandine hasn't had a lord like this before.

(Sun, Ice | 156 words | PG-13)
It's wintertime - can you blame him?

The Legend of Sun Knight/1/2 Prince

Look Before You...
(Sun, Kenshin, Roland | 1,197 words | PG-13)
Sun should really know better than to poke around Pink's house…

(Sun, Adair, Fire Phoenix, Meatbun | 1,151 words | PG-13
Sun meets a messenger of the God of Light.

Legend of Sun Knight/Noblesse

(Storm, Frankenstein | 755 words | G)
A man visits Storm.

The Mentalist

A Little Different
(Jane, Lisbon | 267 words | PG-13)
"Okay, our intruder just took three rounds to the back without falling over. What the hell?"

The Same Perspective
(Jane, Lisbon | 218 words | PG-13)
"Jane, would you quit that already? You are not a zombie."


(Nathan/Simon | 835 words | R)
"She's the girl of your dreams?" "No - she's the girl in my dreams."

Regular Day
(Kelly, Simon, Nathan | 638 words | R)
"What do you mean it's a zombie apocalypse?"

(Nathan | 448 words | PG-13)
"Hey, do you know what other superpower that's really common that we haven't seen yet?"


A New Start
(Chuck, Jacob | 1,930 words | PG-13)
When Chuck first went down into Motorcity, it could have gone a lot worse.

(Chuck, Mike | 1,267 words | PG)
It was just a regular day, Chuck and Mike happening across more of Kane's grunts. What Kane had in store for Motorcity this time though…

Caught Out
(Chuck, Mike | 362 words | G)
Chuck and Mike are trapped inside a building while another of Kane's bots creates a storm, intent on destroying Motorcity.

Courtship Display
(Claire, Julie | 231 words | G)
Texas tries to flirt with Claire; Claire is, understandably, weirded out.

(Chuck, Mike, Jacob | 17,470 words | PG-13)
When Chuck left Jacob's tavern one morning, his staff in hand, he had thought his day would progress as usual: normally, with nothing of interest happening; he didn't know what a chance meeting with one of King Kane's knights would lead to.

(Mike, Kaia | 430 words | PG-13)
Kaia wants Mike to see her point of view, and knows exactly what to do.

(Mike, Julie, Chuck | 230 words | G)
Mike returns to the Burners' hideout and finds it a little...different.

(Chuck, Mike | 1,056 words | PG-13)
Chuck has a secret – the thing is, even he doesn't know he has it.

The New Mutt
(Mike, Chuck | 747 words | G)
If this is a KaneCo plot, it's certainly…different, anyway.

(Mike, Chuck | 694 words | G)
Chuck's locked himself in his room and Mike is just sliiightly worried.

Naruto/ Final Fantasy IX

I'm Not Lost
(Kakashi, Zidane | 419 words | G)
Kakashi Hakate is late. That's because he didn't expect to end up in Lindblum where a boy with a monkey tail tried to pickpocket him.

Naruto/ Final Fantasy X

(Orochimaru | 405 words | G)
Orochimaru tries to decide what Otogakura's uniform should be and finds an old text.

NG Life

A Strange Life
(Loleus, Mii/Keidai | 1,357 words | PG-13)
Loleus wakes up from a bad dream.

They're in this post.

Noblesse/Assassin's Creed

(M-21 | 170 words | PG-13)
M-21 and the Bleeding Effect.

Noblesse/Eclipse Hunter

Prospective Student
(Frankenstein, Daren, M-21, Tao | 1,175 words | G)
Frankenstein meets a new prospective student of YeLan High School.

Noblesse/The Legend of Sun Knight

A Break
(M-21, Storm | 317 words | G)
M-21 thinks Storm's been working too hard. Again.

Life Being What it Was
(Takeo, Sun | 267 words | PG-13)
Takeo should have expected this…

(M-21, Roland | 265 words | G)
Roland was exactly where M-21 thought he would be: outside on the balcony.

Trial and Error
(Frankenstein, Sun | 467 words | G)
Frankenstein's been baking sweets; Sun has his own, unique, tastes.

Noblesse/Youkai Ningen Bem (2011)

(Tao, Bem | 1,597 words | PG)
Tao's up on the rooftops and meets an unexpected person.

Original Fiction

(Ras, Aldran | 68,811 words | PG-13)
Ras has just been chosen by the Gods to protect humans from geists, beings that prey on people's souls. Sent by Them to aid her is Aldran, a psyven; through the bond forged on their first meeting, Aldran can pass his magic to Ras for her to use against the geists. Only those bonded with psyvens can fight the geists, as a psyven's magic is the one magic that is truly effective against them.
But stories are told to children to placate fears and soothe nightmares. Ras has to learn that Aldran and living as a khertan are not what she expected and that the danger is very real.
While she adjusts to her new life, she and Aldran begin to discover all is not as it seems; however, realising and accepting the truth is not easy and ultimately, in the end, is it worth it?
Extra Scenes
(484 words | PG)
A bedtime story of the origins of the first khertan and psyven.
(Aldran, Ras | 165 words | PG)
Aldran watches Ras.
First Encounter
(Ras, Aldran | 261 words | PG)
The first time Ras and Aldran meet.
(Aldran, Ras | 37 words | G)
Aldran really wanted to hug Ras.
(Aldran, Ras | 81 words | G)
Ras and Aldran out shopping.
Blending In
(Aldran, Ras | 100 words | G)
Aldran tries on a hat.
(Ras, Aldran | 321 words | G)
Ras realised something about Aldran.
Outsider's Perspective
(Ras, Aldran, Shodin, Fion, Marland | 5,555 words | PG-13/R)
Ras and Aldran wake up in a place that they do not recognise, where geists aren't the ones that attack humans…

Heed the Warning
Heed the warnings, read the signs.
(322 words | PG)
There’s something wrong, there’s no more time.

Into the Forest
(Graham | 1,599 words | PG-13)
God, why? Why him? Why had they chosen him to use?
Extra Scenes
(Graham, Dean | 690 words | PG-13)
"Things would never change. Here he was, in a place where he had somehow found work without a national insurance number, and he was pretty sure the two guys sitting in the corner were planning to kidnap him."
(Graham, Dean | 850 words | PG-13)
"You're...joking. You've gotta be joking - there's no way you think I'm gonna believe something like that."

(Albert | 683 words | G)
He was twenty years old and he had problems leaving his house.

Searching [Edited Version]
(Marland, Shodin, Fion | 99,735 words | R/NC-17)
The world of Torpin is open, dragging in xeni from other worlds. The majority of them are monsters, prone to violence. There are some, however, that are not, and are able to live amongst the human population, if allowed to. Marland should know; he's one of them. His job is to hunt and stop the xeni that seek only to destroy what's around them. On one job, a human xeno drops through a portal, an event which Marland has never heard of happening before. And that's not the only thing different about the human...
Extra Scenes
(Marland | 418 words | PG-13)
A not-so-usual day for Marland.
(Marland, Shodin | 535 words | G)
Marland gets hurt. The expected happens.
Off Kilter
(Marland, Shodin | 881 words | PG-13)
Marland isn't feeling too great…
(Marland, Shodin | 2,200 words | PG-13)
"Marland… I have a couple of questions."
Second Round
(Marland, Shodin, Fion | 502 words | G)
"You answered my questions." Marland snorted. He would have kept asking if he hadn't. "No, not those ones."
(Ariny, Lesith | 910 words | G)
Ariny is curious about her neighbour; Lesith just wants to go to sleep.
Romance AU
(Shodin/Marland | 547 words | PG-13)
Shodin makes his point.
(Marland/Shodin | 483 words | G)
Shodin was an inherently touchy person.
(Marland/Shodin, Kendal | 283 words | PG-13)
Marland and Shodin bump into Kendal soon after they start dating. How she reacts…isn't how Marland expected.
(Shodin/Marland, Kendal | 1,118 words | R)
Shodin does a bit of investigating.
Morning After
(Shodin/Marland | 593 words | PG-13)
The morning after Shodin and Marland talk.
(Marland/Shodin | 250 words | G)
Shodin is sick. Marland is mostly his usual self.
Romance AU rewrite
(Shodin, Marland | 900 words | R)
Marland is sending mixed signals...
(Marland/Shodin | 1,040 words | R)
Shodin tells Marland he likes him; Marland panics.
(Marland/Shodin | 2,603 words | NC-17)
Marland's curiosity has an unexpected outcome.

To Dream
(Kendra, Dryden | 2,193 words | PG)
I always watched them from far away, not getting too close, just in case they saw me. They didn’t come here a lot, but if I saw them, I followed them everywhere, just to see if they would do it.

(Russell, Dale | 3,178 words | R)
There were two universal facts in Russell's life: nothing interesting ever happened in it, and he had always wanted to fly.

Pacific Rim

(Raleigh, Mako, Newt, Hermann | 1,502 words | G)
Raleigh came back different from the Anteverse.


A Little Help
(450 words | G)
The man at the edge of Viridian City likes to help new trainers as they start their journey. It's a shame that it causes a little problem for him.

Brother, my Brother
(OCs | 6,426 words | PG)
Ever wondered why in the games, your pokémon didn't listen to you? Or that it seemed to miss more than normal? There might be a reason why.

What do Trainers Learn?
(100 words | G)
A journey with pokémon can lead to different thoughts.

Pokémon/ Beyblade

The Lost Experiments
(2,137 words | G)
What if pokémon weren’t just pets? Weren’t just used in battles? Weren’t just our friends? What if there was a form of pokémon that evolved further and became bitbeasts?


(Alex | 307 words | G)
The thoughts of those Alex has consumed swirls in his mind, their memories of everything they'd done. He knows exactly what they think of him.

(Alex | 352 words | PG-13)
Alex's mind was never truly quiet.

Finding the Boundaries
(Alex, Dana | 593 words | G)
Dana has a question.

(Alex, Dana | 159 words | PG)
Dana was shivering as she slept.

(Alex, Bradley | 663 words | PG)
After the events of the first game, Alex goes back.

Prototype/Assassin's Creed

(Alex(Desmond) | 162 words | PG-13)
Who was he and what was going on? His memories –too many of them, too different- vie to come up on top.

(Alex, Desmond | 394 words | PG-13)
Alex and Desmond find themselves far from home.

Shaman King/ Naruto

(Yoh, Shikamaru | 507 words | G)
Yoh goes cloudwatching and finds someone there.

Storm Hawks

Another Option
(Cyclonis | 537 words | G)
Master Cyclonis hears abut the... interesting person on Terra Clockstopia.

(Aerrow, Stork | 909 words | PG-13)
A zombie apocalypse would never happen, right?

(Stork, Aerrow, Junko, Piper | 2,462 words | G)
The Condor is Stork's home and safety. On a routine check after a mission, Stork realises something else about her.

First Impressions
(Stork, Aerrow | 1,010 words | G)
"Stork, I'd like you to meet the Condor."

(Cyclonis | 955 words | G)
Master Cyclonis reflects on Piper's words about being 'friends'.

In His Eyes
(Piper, Aerrow | 840 words | G)
Aerrow's eyes used to be green.

(Cyclonis | 100 words | G)
Maybe there was another reason why Master Cyclonis wanted a training camp.

(Junko, Aerrow, Stork | 504 words | G)
Junko finds a new pet.

(Dark Ace | 100 words | G)
There was a reason why Dark Ace had a parachute.

The Oracle
(Piper, Cyclonis | 5,712 words | PG)
What if the Oracle wasn't who she said she was? If not, how did she know the future to come? What if she came from the future?

Storm Hawks/ Kingdom Hearts II

Surprise Visitors
(Aerrow, Sora, Cyclonis | 11,583 words | PG)
Three people appear on the Condor out of nowhere. Right after, the Storm Hawks are attacked by things made out of shadows. Coincidence?

Storm Hawks/ Naruto

Two's Company...
(Finn, Naruto | 669 words | G)
Not only are there too many clones here, they're on a terra with no idea how they got there.

Uncharted Terra
(Dark Ace, Sarutobi | 1,053 words | G)
Dark Ace finds himself in a place where no-one has heard the terms 'Terra', 'Crystals', 'Sky Knights', or 'Cyclonia'.

Tegami Bachi

Never Give Up
(Vincent | 2,354 words | G)
Vincent Alcott never gave up trying to be a successful writer.

Yoroshiku Master

(Rihito/Daisuke | 1,345 words | G)
Rihito just finished an exam and then Daisuke called him. Of course.

Christmas Spirit
(Rihito, Daisuke, Miyuki | 551 words | G)
Rihito wasn't one for the Christmas Spirit.

(Rihito, Kaito, Daisuke | 2,796 words | G)
At a young age, Rihito knew what he had to do to avoid meeting his santa.

(Rihito, Daisuke | 443 words | G)
"Reindeer… Why are the reins red?"

Strength of a Bond
(Rihito/Daisuke | 1,406 words | PG)
There was one thing Rihito didn't know about the reindeer bond...

(Rihito, Daisuke | 740 words | PG)
Kurumi was hurt; Rihito was sure of it.

Yoroshiku Master/Rise of the Guardians

(Daisuke, Rihito, Toothiana | 631 words | PG)
Daisuke and Rihito receive a visit from someone surprising.

Youkai Ningen Bem (2011)

(Bem, Natsume | 369 words | G)
Bem is still getting used to Natsume.

Human Kindness
(Bem | 280 words | G)
Bem wasn't used to human kindness.

Yu-Gi-Oh!/ Jing: King of Bandits

Thief series
Ultimate Showdown
(Yami Bakura, Ryou, Jing | 2,722 words | G)
Yami Bakura is best known as 'Thief King'. But what happens when the treasure that he is about to steal is going under the same plans? On the same night? By someone who calls himself 'King of Bandits'?
Halloween? What's That?
(Yami Bakura, Ryou | 1,080 words | G)
Ryou tries to explain to Yami Bakura what Halloween is about. When that fails, he decides to take him guising.
Old Aquaintances
(Ryou, Yami Bakura, Kir | 2,134 words | PG)
Ryou leaves to go to school one day and sees a bird that looks like it knows him. What does this mean? How will this affect the way Ryou sees Yami Bakura?

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