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[personal profile] darkicedragon's writing journal. I'm also at so if you want to see my really bad fics, well, you're welcome to go there.

I'm pretty much a dabbler in fandom. I'll write fic for one fandom for a little while before I go off and get addicted to another fandom. This is not helped by the fact that I'm pretty much a crossover writer. The majority of my fics are crossovers and the ones that aren't are usually drabbles or one-shots. Or one-shots that just happened to get turned in to multi-chapter fics. -___-' That has a rather high tendecy of happening.

While I sometimes write romance, I practically always write genfic. And the romance that I write? If you tilt your head the other way, it'll be seen as friendship. Sooo, not that great at writing romance fics.

My plotbunnies are here. Feel free to take all of them if you want, I'll end up feeding them and making them multiply all over again in no time!

I'm also in the bad habit of picking up 'innocent' plotbunnies, taking it home and caring after it for a little while before discarding it for another plotbunny. Hence, quite a few of my fics don't get past the second chapter.

Oh, and I'm a pretty slow updater too, just to warn you.
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