Dec. 14th, 2010 07:49 am
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Fandom: Misfits
Summary: "She's the girl of your dreams?" "No - she's the girl in my dreams."
Rating: M
Notes: Sex/nakedness between two guys (Nathan/Simon). Voyeurism. References to drug use. Swearing. I... think that's everything? If I've missed anything out, do tell.
Set after 2.05.
Ugh. Sucky transitions.
Any concrit would be awesome. :3
Genre: General
Word count: 853
Status: Work in progress

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Fandom: Misfits
Summary: "Hey, do you know what other superpower that's really common that we haven't seen yet?"
Rating: K+
Notes: Mild swearing.
This is what I actually wanted to happen in the first part; it just got sidetracked. XD;
Genre: General
Word count: 140
Total word count: 448
Status: Complete

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