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Fandom: Beyblade/ Harry Potter crossover
Summary: [Harry Potter Beyblade crossover] After arriving in the UK to promote beyblading, the Bladebreakers are kidnapped by men in black robes wanting the power of their bitbeasts. Kai isn't too pleased. Then the other people that he meets just. Aren't. Normal.
Rating: K
Notes: Set after the first season of Beyblade. Set after the either PoA or GoF. I keep on forgetting.
I was searching through baby name sites, not looking at what the names actually mean, just if they sounded nice. I went to the Russian names sections and found a name that I liked: Kisa. Yeah, I was reminded of Fruits Basket as well. Anyways, I was gonna use that when I looked at what the translation was.
Uuuuh, no.
Maybe completely raging OOC for Kai?
Kai wasn't paying attention to Dumbledore when he said what gender the kitten was.
Not good staff?
'Insane' doesn't sound like the right termonolgy.
Genre: General/ Humour
Word count: 1,469
Status: Work in Progress

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