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Fandom: Original
Summary: "Things would never change. Here he was, in a place where he had somehow found work without a national insurance number, and he was pretty sure the two guys sitting in the corner were planning to kidnap him."
Rating: T
Notes: And there was much swearing in this chapter.
I have no idea if this would turn 'canon' - the start, just like he says, in this day and age is pretty hard to do so... Not to mention the job's too out in the open, in the public eye. ;p How did he get a house? Uhhhh... His characterisation'll probably change too.
If this does become canon, I reeeeally need to change the title. ^ ^
Gaaaah, I really can't describe people because I think I'm overdoing it.
It was going to end with Nathan inviting 'Graham' to go out drinking but no-one wanted to do it. :P
Talk about 'limited' PoV or what.
Genre: Mystery/Adventure
Word count: 690
Words so far: 1,620
Status: Work in Progress.

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