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Fandom: Half Prince
Summary: He was missing something.
Rating: K
Notes: Set in chapter 38. Spoilers for it within.
Eeeeeee! Thank you to NekomataHanyou for reminding me of this scene!
Looking at the chapter, it looks like it's only Lan, Yun and Jing there.
I think Kenshin talks a little too much here. XD
Genre: General/Humour
Word count: 284
Status: Complete

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Mar. 2nd, 2010 05:16 am
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Fandom: Half Prince
Summary: The elf had fallen over the edge of the cliff. He was fairly sure he knew what to do.
Rating: K
Notes: Set just before Lan wakes up after being shoved off the cliff.
So, while thinking about some stuff for Changes, I remembered this bit and went 'Waaaaaiiit...'
Genre: General/Humour
Word count: 132
Status: Complete

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