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Fandom: The Legend of Sun Knight
Summary: Roland has one last destination in mind once the future Twelve holy Knights had been announced.
Rating: G
Contains: Nothing. :3
Notes: Set pre-series.
This probably won't make a lick of sense unless you know about this (ctrl+f 'cold faction's younger years' Picture heavy post!) picture. Which is why this won't be posted at – the note would be longer than the fic! XD;;;
Waaaaay more sombre than I originally thought it would be.
(OMG I wrote and posted something!! @_____@ Except I said I'd only be concentrating on [community profile] kinkfest and Chosen this month… And for this to make sense, I wrote this before 'Hallucinate' but I wanted to have that posted before 231 was done, just in case. XD;;;)
Genre: General
Word count: 224
Status: Complete

Last Goodbye )


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