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Fandom: Beyblade
: [AU] The universes of Of Different Worlds and Kai's Bad Day collide. Crack
: K
: *puts face into hands* I can't believe I just made an AU of an AU. Yeah, I made those universes and now I'm making an AU of it. Ack. But the plotbunny wouldn't let go! And I thought it was only going to be one chapter long. I doubt I'm going to be putting this into chapters but just in parts as I write them. It was kinda interesting to see how differently I had written Kai from ODW and Kai from KBD. Not that it shows in this but eh...
I'm just doing this for fun so yeah.. I was gonna say something about characterisation but then I'll just sound like I'm making excuses. If you've read KBD you'll know why Kai is the way he is blah blah blah.
When I say Bladebreakers, it's a blanket term for Tyson, Ray, Max, Kenny, Kai(from ODWcanon!world), Hilary and Tala. 'Cause I'm lazy like that.
It's kinda set in the 19th/20th chapter of ODW (not that I've written them yet) and the 10th chapter of KBD. I really need to re-read them to make sure I've written them right.
This won't be going onto or ficwad (yes, I've joined another ff site ^^;) since I don't think it realy works...fanficiton of fanfiction? *shrugs*
Yikes, the way I've written Daisuke reminds me of Ayame from Fruits Basket.
Genre: Humour/ Parody
Word count: 755
Status: Work in Progress

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