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Fandom: ½ Prince
Summary: Arctic Fox asks Kenshin out.
Rating: G
Contains: Arctic Fox/Kenshin
Notes: Not canon-compliant, oops. Set after V4C11/chapter 38 but before V6C5/chapter 50.
Thanks to phireye for listening to me babble and brainstorming with me! XD;
Genre: Romance
Word count: 1,244
Total word count: 2,191
Status: Complete?

Uninterested [Chapter 2] )
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Fandom: ½ Prince
Summary: Arctic Fox notices that Kenshin spends a lot of time with a white-haired mage. He isn't jealous. Really.
Rating: G
Contains: Contains Arctic Fox/Kenshin? One-sided Arctic Fox/Kenshin? Read it however you want to. :) Also has some Sunshine/Fairsky.
Notes: Set before chapter 50.
Written for the anon on my Prompt Post. :) Thanks for this!
Loads of notes, as per usual )
Genre: General
Word count: 947
Status: Complete

Uninterested )


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