Aug. 26th, 2012 06:56 am
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Fandom: Motorcity
Summary: It was just a regular day, Chuck and Mike happening across more of Kane's grunts. What Kane had in store for Motorcity this time though…
Rating: PG
Contains: Nothing.
Notes: Spoilers for 1x07 'Blond Thunder' and vague spoilers for 1x10 'The Duke of Detroit Presents…'
Genre: Friendship
Word count: 1,267
Status: Complete

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Aug. 13th, 2011 07:53 am
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Fandom: Alphas
Summary: The world burned.
Rating: T
Notes: Set in episode 5, "Never Let Me Go". Spoilers of what happens in that episode.
Dialogue is from the episode.
For the prompt, 'Any, Any, sensory deprivation'. Seriously, Rachel is made for this one. XDD
I absolutely adored this scene. ♥~
Holy overuse of the dash! Waugh! XDD;;
Genre: Family.
Word count: 422
Status: Complete

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