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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: Tao was more excited than usual as he approached the house, his thoughts bouncing from one thing to another. …No… He was trying to not think about something in particular.
Rating: G
Genre: Family
Word count: 629
Status: Complete

Rai turned his head as he read Frankenstein’s latest manual: Tao was more excited than usual as he approached the house, his thoughts bouncing from one thing to another.


He was trying to not think about something in particular.

Rai’s guess was confirmed when Tao cut a thought off, shushing himself.

Hm. If Tao did not want him to find something out, he would not listen.

He started reading the manual again and did not look when Tao entered the house.

“Sooo,” Tao said, and Rai lifted his head, since Tao was not trying to hide. The young man had both his hands behind his back as he grinned. “You know how I’ve been planning something?”

Rai nodded.

“Tada!” Tao whipped his arms around, presenting the small box to Rai. It fit in Tao’s palm, the box white with a pink ribbon tied around it.

Rai took the box from him and inspected it.

“I didn’t buy it for any particular occasion,” Tao said, “unless it’s a noble holiday today and then I’ve got some excellent timing.”

Rai shook his head.

“Okay, good to know,” Tao said, his head bobbing. “It’s just, I saw this and knew I had’ta get it for you!” With each word, Tao’s excitement grew and he was unable to stay still.

What had Tao gotten him? The box was bigger than the one Frankenstein had presented the ring in, but jewellery could still be inside.

Rai closed his manual and placed the box on top. He pulled at the bow tails, making sure to use as little strength as possible.

Tao’s anticipation pressed on him, drew back with a mix of sheepishness, and then pressed against him again as Tao watched him.

Rai set the ribbon down once it was untied and eased the box lid open.

Inside was a white mug, the same size as the ones already in the cupboard.

Rai pulled it out and ran his fingers over the outside. It was not as smooth as the mugs either, the texture rough.


“Wanna try it out?” Tao said, grinning, on the verge of dashing to the kitchen to fetch the water himself.

“Yes.” It had been a few hours since he had last had tea.

Tao reached forward to take the mug from him and then stopped himself, spinning to sprint to the kitchen, his thoughts tumbling too fast for Rai to follow.

He stood up and walked over. The tea machine was ready for him and they watched as the water poured into the mug, Tao’s anticipation building as it filled.

Why was Tao so happy? It could not be Tao wanted tea as well — he had not collected his own cup. What was the c-


Rai’s eyes widened as a picture started to reveal itself on the mug, starting at the bottom.

“It’s a thermochromic cup!” Tao said, his glee filling the room. “It changes with the temperature, so every time you put hot water in it, it shows the picture.”

The picture had nearly reached the top of the mug and Rai stared at it. It was of them, his family, clustered around the table as they usually were at nights. The angle was too low to be one of Tao’s cameras, so Tao must have used his cables to take it on his phone.

“So you can be reminded of us every time you have a cup of tea! Or coffee. Any hot drink!”

Heat rose to Rai’s cheeks and he could not look away from it.

“Hehe, I knew you’d love it!”

Tao’s warmth and happiness surrounded Rai felt like a hug and he picked up the mug, curling his fingers around it, feeling exactly where every person was, committing them to memory.
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