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Fandom: Half Prince
Summary: Arctic Fox is searching in the woods.
Rating: T
Notes: Set after chapter 40. Mostly manhua-verse.
Rated for violence/fighting and some gore. I've been reading the novel and that's more descriptive and graphic about its fight scenes, and that's affected this fic.
For the [ profile] halfprince_fics prompt 'fight'.
Using Taiwanese measurements. A phêng is 3.306m². I hope. D: This is taken from wikipedia, so if I'm wrong, please tell me.
*rolls eyes* I thought it would skim the 500 mark again. But I was trying to better my descriptive skills/using more descriptive words. ... I may have overshot and put in too much. Also possibly sounding fake. =/
I can't stop spelling his name 'Artic Fox'. *fail*
Genre: General.
Word count: 1,173
Status: Complete

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