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Fandom: Original fiction
Summary: Marland's curiosity has an unexpected outcome.
Rating: MA
Notes: Contains explicit sex (handjob). Never thought I'd ever type that. *wry* Lots of swearing.
Set…sometime after Communicate.
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Genre: Romance
Word count: 2,603
Status: Work in Progress

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Fandom: Original fiction
Summary: Shodin tells Marland he likes him; Marland panics.
Rating: M
Notes: Contains swearing. Hey, it is Marland. :P Vague discussions of sex.
Weeeeee! Definitely different from Uncertain and definitely not a copy and paste job! \o/
*facepalm* Remember, self, Marland has a dairy allergy.
Genre: Romance
Word count: 1,040
Status: Work in progress

Communicate )
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Fandom: Original fiction
Summary: Marland is sending mixed signals…
Rating: M
Notes: Contains a sex scene on the TV.
Muahaha! Reboot of the Romance AU! XD And it's from Shodin's pov. D:
So, basic information: Marland's asexual, but doesn't know it, and is a night security guard; Shodin was found beaten-up on Marland's doorstep and when Shodin recovered… Actually, this probably carries on from there. XD; Shodin also has amnesia. Damn, now I want to write the first time Shodin and Marland meet. And then I will probably have to reboot the universe again.
Fun to write but then I hit a brick wall and just stared at the paper for about half-an-hour. XD;
Genre: Romance
Word count: 900
Status: Work in progress

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