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Fandom: Golden Sun
Summary: Maybe the ending of The Lost Age didn't happen as we saw it. Alex's memories have been stripped from him, his appearance modified and he's on a completely different world that doesn't use Psynergy. He wants to find out who he is and where he came from but if he does, will he like what he sees?
Rating: K
Notes: Alex-centric. Post-The Lost Age. Spoilers for the end of The Lost Age.
Not a crossover.
All the words before the scene change are from the game. The last sentence that the Wise One says, it's apparently, from the game script I used, meant to be Alex but that didn't make any sense to me so I changed it.
*snorts* So, with game text and you know, the ending, there is much overuse of ! Just warnin' ya.
Genre: General
Word count: 2,467
Status: Work in Progress

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