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Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist/Hikaru no Go crossover
Summary: Breda is clearing his room before moving to Central
Rating: K+
Notes: FMA timeline - During the time when Mustang and his men are moving to Central
HnG timeline - Post-manga
[ profile] crossovers100 got through about my FMA claim! *dances* I'd had this basically all written in January. ^ ^ ... Or September since that's when I posted my claims table. O.o Wow. That went fast.
XP I was hoping that I could just leave the crossover as it was, but when I came up with the title, it then turned into a multi-chapter fic. Also, I'm feeling bad that this goes pretty much exactly like it did in the manga.
All speech said by Sai is in the manga.
Genre: Supernatural
Word count: 484
Total word count: 484
Status: Work in Progress
Prompt: 014 - green

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