Jan. 21st, 2007 07:40 pm
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Fandom: Naruto/Final Fantasy X
Summary: [Naruto/Final Fantasy X] [One-shot] [Pre-canon] Orochimaru tries to decide what Otogakura's uniform should be and finds an old text
Rating: K
Notes: Reeeally short. Yeah, I was writing this, and when I go about halfway, I realised that 1) villages probably don't have libraries and 2) the shinobi don't have books.
Not to mention I've probably very much screwed up the canon as well. So if you spot any glaring mistakes, tell me.
It's a bit on the info, info, info side so I'll be tweakin it over the next couple of days (depending on what's happenin)
Not to mention, I'm sure that I've butchered Orochimaru's character.
It's bad that I came up with a connection between Sasuke and Auron isn't it? Not to mention that Naruto was Tidus and Yuna was Sakura. It wouldn't work though. ;p
Genre: General
Word count: 405
Status: Complete

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