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Fandom: Golden Sun
Summary: [One-shot] [Light IsaacJenna] [Either that or just a friendshipfic] [Set during GS] After her parents and Felix had died, Isaac was the one who had been there for her. He had understood what it was like, to lose someone.
Rating: K
Notes: Um, my first try at romance. It didn't turn out what I expected it to, not that I was really expecting anything really.
;p Depending on how you look at it, this could be IsaacJenna or it could just be a friendship fic. Bah.
Set during Sol Sanctum.
It kinda seems pretty jumpy for me but I don't really mind it.
*grumbles* I feel as if I'm writin some cliché here...
I also feel like I'm abusing the semi-colon as well.
Genre: Romance/ General
Word count: 772
Status: Complete

Don't Take too Long )


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