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May. 6th, 2017 11:59 am
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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: "C'mon," Kentas said, grinning at M-21 and clapping a hand on his shoulder, his wings flexing, "let's go flying."
Notes: Wing AU
Written for 15kisses' 'wings' prompt.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 719
Status: Complete

M-21 frowned, staring at Kentas’ set of wings, arcing above his head and M-21 was sure they’d be double in length when they were spread. He looked at home in them, like the wings were supposed to be there. He’d been born with the ability to summon them, after all.

M-21 was still unsure about his own set. They’d grown a lot since he’d first been able to summon them, looking like actual wings rather than some vestigial stubs that could be hidden under his clothes. They didn’t feel quite wrong, but they’d never felt right either.

"C'mon," Kentas said, grinning at him and clapping a hand on his shoulder, his wings flexing, "let's go flying."

M-21 didn't move to follow and Kentas turned to blink at him.

"...Are you sure?" M-21 said, giving his wings an experimental flap. He'd never flown before — he'd been able to transform and use the powers of the transformation, but he'd only ever jumped from place to place when moving around.

"Yeah, why not?" Kentas looked like he was on the verge of flying, his wings half spread.

M-21 didn't say anything, his lips pursed.

Understanding grew on Kentas' face, his eyes going wide. "You've never-?"

"They've never been this big before."

There was no mocking expression on Kentas' face, no sneer. He grinned at M-21 instead, excited as he started to pull him towards one of the closest buildings. "It's easy! C'mon, you'll be flying in a few minutes."

Said the guy who'd had his wings for hundreds of years already. Did Kentas even remember learning how to fly? M-21 followed him anyway, bouncing off the walls to reach the rooftop.

"You have the instincts for it," Kentas said once they were both standing on the rooftop's edge. "You can call out your wings."

That was a nice confidence in him, but M-21 didn't expect much.

M-21 stared out at the horizon, the pinpricks of lights winding from place to place in the roads blow as a breeze gusted over his skin.

He'd done something like this hundreds of times before but he'd never felt the instincts to fly like Kentas thought he had. Maybe he'd never had them and never would.

...Well, if he failed, he'd survive the drop — he'd have enough time to grab a wall before he hit the ground too.

Kentas was waiting next to him, not trying to push him. "So, what," M-21 said, raising his wings a little before letting them drop again. "I just flap my wings?"

Kentas nodded. "Don't think about it too much."

...Kentas either didn't know him all, or had talked to Frankenstein about him.

M-21 exhaled. "Let's do this."

Before he could question himself more, M-21 flung himself off the rooftop.

He plummeted headfirst. His wings were open, but all they seemed to do was make him fall faster, the wind ruffling his feathers.

He span, seeing Kentas following behind him. Kentas didn't seem worried or reaching out, just watching him.

Nothing was wrong. Yet. This was normal.

Except there weren't any instincts M-21 could feel telling him how to do this. The ground was getting closer and closer and M-21 wasn't sure if he should grab wall yet.

There was another gust of wind, one that flowed around his wings and something clicked. He flared his wings, the feathers adjusting on their own and he shot up again, soaring on the air current, shooting past the rooftops.

It was quieter this high up, colder, with only the wind whistling past his ears. And Kentas' laugh.

M-21 grunted when Kentas tackled him, his laugh filling his ears, and they wheeled in the air, the world spinning. They didn't fall and when Kentas let him go, M-21 righted himself just fine. On instinct.

They landed on the same rooftop they'd jumped from, Kentas wrapping a wing around M-21 and drawing him close. "Told you you could do it."

M-21 hummed at the warmth after the cold air, hiding his smile in Kentas' shoulder.

"Want to do it again?"

M-21 didn't hesitate this time. "Yeah." He shrugged his shoulders, his wings settling in place, feeling like they were part of him for the first time rather than something grafted onto his body.

It looked like he did have the right instincts, after all.


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