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Fandom: Noblesse
Summary: The house was too loud to Tao — he could hear everything.
Notes: For the anon who asked for 'Too loud'.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word count: 832
Status: Complete

The house was too loud to Tao — he could hear everything. Even though his pc was off, he could hear the electricity running through the cables, could practically see the paths they were taking through the walls, even if all of the electronics in his room were off and unplugged. The only thing that was left on was his phone in case of emergencies; there was always a chance of an attack and he couldn't risk it.

Even with his window closed and his curtains drawn, not letting moonlight in, Tao heard the wind gusting past, vibrating the sill slightly.

Tao waited, breathing in and out, but his mind wouldn't settle, focusing on every noise there was, hearing someone (Takeo) turning in their bed in one of the rooms close to him. It was driving him up the wall.

Trying to cover his ears didn't help — all that did was bring attention to his own body, the blood pumping through his veins, the sound of his breathing.

It wasn't working. There was nowhere else he could... Tao paused. Frankenstein had told him about a room in his lab he'd set up after Tao had told him about his sensitivities. Maybe that would help?

Tao had poked his head into the room once to check it out and it had seemed fine at the time. He hadn't been able to properly test it. Now to find out if it held up.

Tao swung himself out of bed and scurried out his door, exhaling as his ears were bombarded with sounds scratching at his eardrums, demanding to be heard.

Tao was grimacing by the time he made it down the stairs, even the creaking of the floorboards grating on his nerves.

And if he had to go into the lab, where it was filled with lights and Boss' machines.

Urgh... That was going to suck.

The lights were as harsh as Tao expected and he winced, the hissing electricity digging into his head. All right, the faster he got to the room, the faster he got away from it all.


Tao kept going, his slippered feet tapping against the floor, no matter how he walked.

He found the room and breathed a sigh of relief when he opened it. No lights came on when he opened the door like what happened with the rest of Boss' lab, which was a good sign, and he leaned back on the door once he was inside. There was a soft green emergency light above his head, but whatever was covering it was thick enough that Tao couldn't hear the power coursing through it.

The room was the same as the other unused rooms in Boss' lab with tiles from the ceiling to the floor. It should have been a bad sign, the tiles amplifying everything but... It was quiet here. Colder than upstairs, not enough for Tao to shiver, but enough to be felt. There was no whir of machines or electricity, like the room had been cut off from them, or everything had been redirected away from the room. There were no windows either, so no fluttering curtains or wind blowing past.

It was pretty barren, save for the bed in the corner.

Tao took a moment to savour the silence before going over to the bed and lying on it. He still heard the bed shift under him, but it was still better than everything trying to compete for his attention.

It only took him a moment to find a comfortable way to lie and he stared up at the ceiling.

His brain was still buzzing a little, trying to pick out if there were any other noises, but he couldn't hear anything. It helped a little, but Tao's brain was just waiting for something to happen, to be ready for whatever it was. Because something always did happen, and it was better to be prepared.

So he breathed in and out, closing his eyes, trying to focus on the silence around him, rather than the noise his body made and tried to overwhelm him with, now that were was nothing else there. There were plans he was supposed to making, all the projects he had that had piled up with deadlines or hadn't moved at the speed he'd wanted it to. But he was in this room now without his laptop, so all he could do was breathe in and out.

In and out.

It took a while of distracting his thoughts from all the things he needed to do before his brain started getting the hint and calmed down, no longer crowding his brain or trying to find the solution to everything.

In and out.

Tao kept doing that, focusing on his breathing and ignoring everything his brain was gnawing at until all his thoughts were concentrated on his breathing and nothing else.

His eyes finally started to flutter closed, and...he would talk to Frankenstein about this once he woke up again.


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