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Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: Everyone knows that Remus has a ‘monthly problem’. There’s a problem when this can be… misinterpreted as something else. As well as Remus’ other quirks.
Rating: K
Notes: I should probably change the genre to something else...
A ha! I now definitely actually have a year. *cough* Yeah, I do a bit too much research. ^ ^; Anyways, the year is meant to be 1987. Just because of the date. And it's in July.
This isn't another time jump so this is on the same day as the last scene in the first chapter.
A little bit of background/filling out on Claire's character. Hopefully.
Shyeah, and the thing with the cat - symbolism, if you even spot it thingy, wasn't intended to be there.
^ ^; A bit of an abrupt ending.
Genre: General/ Humour
Word count: 998
Total word count: 2,380
Status: In-progress

Distraction )

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