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Fandom: Storm Hawks
Summary: What if the Oracle wasn't who she said she was? If not, how did she know the future to come? What if she came from the future?
Rating: K+
Notes: Okay, soooo this was meant to be a one-shot. *looks at word count* Yeah. Not happening. So, if I've now currently worked it out right (never gonna happen) this could be a two-shot or a three-shot. I really really hope. I've actually got all of this planned out. :O But let's see if my fingers agree with my brain later on, huh?
The scene changes can mean anything from days/weeks/months have gone past, apart from the first three scene changes. And knowing me, if I get this finished, I'll want to eleaborate even more during then. Ugh.
And the scenes feel a little on the short side, which would be why I'd want to elaborate.
Some of the characters feel IC to me, others, not so much.
And what genre should be this? *facepalm*
D: Somebody save me from the Storm Hawks plotbunnies. They're threatening to kill me if I don't write them! And they're breeding like crazy!
Genre: General
Word count: 2,735
Status: Work in Progress

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